Friday, March 26, 2010

Why do my windows have fingerprints?

This was one day at home with the boys. In addition to fingerprinting my windows they have discovered mirrors and the large big screen tv in the living room. They pound on the surfaces. I am hoping that they will break Brett's tv so that we can get something smaller. The tv is from about the year 2000. We bought it when we lived in the Burnsville house about 3 days before Superbowl Sunday. We thought we were cool. Now I just wonder what I could do with that extra square feet if the tv wasn't there.
Honestly the space would probably jus be taken up with more toys. Can't wait for the basement to house all the toys.

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Jenny said...

Well - now I feel really bad for telling Bennett "No!" and moving him away when he was banging on the TV today.