Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What have the boys been up to lately?

One of the favorite toys in this house are the fisher price stacking rings. Pretty basic toys that have already clocked hours of play time. Ethan started doing this first, but both of them love to grab the rings and drop them on the hard floor to watch them wobble around. Most of the time you will see the boys crawling around with a ring in each hand as they make their way to the kitchen floor.

They have also discovered toilets.

Those rings they love so much must have needed to be cleaned because I found one the other day. It was pretty scary because you don't expect to see something that round and large in your toilet. Well maybe at your house, but I hope not purple.

The other highlight in Ethan and Bennett's day are the door stops. For some reason we have some really springy ones that makes an outstanding BOING noise. Sometimes it gets going so fast and loud that I wish it would break off, but then there are times that I get some blogging done because we have this simple household gadget that is somehow entertaining. Bring your tylenol if you are going to babysit. A person can only take so much.

In addition to the pyrex lid cabinet they also found the pantry. Favorites in this cabinet of discovery are the plastic bowls and colander. So far nothing has been broken so I don't get to worked up when they are pulling everything out.
Brett actually caught this shot a few weeks ago. Ethan found himself in a little bit of trouble. Sometimes when they go after their toys they find themselves in a a cage. They have been trying to crawl over the lower bars on the chairs. A few times successful, but most of the time we hear cries and have to save them.

There is still no walking but I have been trying to negotiate with them. It might have come up that I will buy them a car when they are 16 if they learn to walk before the girls get here.

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