Thursday, March 18, 2010

Jane's Jubilee

What you have all been waiting for....

Every year the Souhrada women take a retreat together. We go to United Methodist Kingswood Camp in Mound. The weekend's activities are mostly sewing and crafting. There was plenty of chatting, wine drinking, eating, and don't forget about the naps! Year's past this retreat has always been called the Souhrada Women's Retreat, but this year was dubbed Jane's Jubilee in honor of our Jane. Another upgrade was that Jane's Sister's in Love came to the party. Really, a great weekend. Makes me look forward to next year.Sister's in Love with Grandma Cookie. Grandma is holding our symbol of Jane. It is one of Jane's pumps (she had a lot!) that was made into a pin cushion. Of course the hot pink one was selected. It matched the bright pink nail polish that she often wore.

This year I had quite an agenda for myself. I am always a little over ambitious because it is hard to accomplish things at home with the boys. My family thinks Iam nesting. I was determined to learn how to crochet which I did with Grandma's help. You can see that Grandma had to take breaks from crocheting too. The funny part is that my mom yelled over to Grandma to take a nap and immediately Grandma put down her project and fell asleep. Funny how things have changed from mother giving daughter orders to daughter giving mother orders.

CJ was also working hard on getting her Stone Mill Suite's work shirts embroidered. She has become quite a master on the machine, however, even a master sometimes messes up. She also made some cute onesies for her nieces. Love them!

I wasn't the only one that learned how to crochet. Grandma was very impressed with our mad skills. Especially at how tight Suzie could get her single crochets. Hopefully she will get those dish towels made soon.

The youngest attendee of the Souhrada Women's Retreat in the history is Norah Nagel. Norah is about 4 months old. I think that may appreciated having a baby part of the event. She slept through both nights - good baby!!

Aunt Marcia and Cousin Suzie....the sewing would not go on without these two because I think we would run out of projects or supplies. We have gotten into the habit of not being as prepared because we know that they have our back. They fill their car the brim with all their equipment plus! Marcia and Suzie own Pine Needles Quilt Shops in Racine, MN and Decorah, IA. That is where I get my supplies and go into debt. Check out their website!

Finished projects....Congratulations to Sarah for starting and completing her first quilt! Mom, Cheryl, also finished hers. Looks pretty complicated to me. I haven't done applique yet, but I just got a new pattern from Suzie and I plan to learn. I did finish a quilt too and so I think I need a new challenge.

I hope everyone had as good of time as me! I finished my crocheted hat so when Bennett wakes from his nap I will have him model it for all of you!

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Your Fav Cuz, Suzie said...

Ready for next year! Thanks for doing this.