Monday, March 1, 2010

Ethan and Bennett's Dedication

Ethan and Bennett had their dediction last weekend on Sunday, February 21st.  We had lots of family and friends join us for their big day.  Many people have been wondering what the difference is between a dedication and a baptism so I will give you the short answer.  Keep in mind that churches believe different things, but this is how Crossroads celebrates and commits to their chidren.  So a baptism is a profession of faith which is difficult to say that an infant could conciously make this decision.  So instead of baptism, they have a dedication where the parents, family, friends, and church make a commitment to the children that they will keep God on their heart and in their life as Ethan and Bennett grow and learn about Jesus Christ.  It was a very special day and having everyone there made it even better.  In attendance...cousins Dade and Simi, Aunt Colleen, and Mandy.  The grandparents of course!  Brian, Tina, Titus, and Genisis.  Titus didn't want to be in the picture.  Nanny Molly and Brian.  Jenny and Shad.  Megan and Mike.  Thanks everyone!  We love you!

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