Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dade loves these guys!

CJ and family came up last weekend for a visit. We went to the MOA on Saturday. Can I just say that I hate the MOA on Saturdays. There is a reason that I don't go there on the weekends. I just need to go every once in a while to remind myself. Dade bought a new Vikings hat which he kindly shared with E and B. However, the next morning he had on a Packers jersey and a Vikings hat. I think he might be confused but then again people could say the same about Bret Favre. Dade played a lot with these guys. He even helped feed them!
What a nice cousin to share his football jersey with Ethan. We had a great time. My living room got rearranged too. I have actually been enjoying the set up this week. Now I just need to prevent Brett from moving it back.

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Jenny said...

That's Bennett with the hat on isn't it? Did you see how gigantic his feet look? Toooo funny!