Saturday, March 27, 2010

27 Weeks

27 Weeks - yeah, bring it on! I still go to the mall, pump my own gas, work a full time job, and make meals. I have only asked Brett to put my socks on for me once. The worst part is that the girls are squishing my lungs at times.

We picked names!!! Some of you may already know, but we decided on names for the girls. IF you hate them, keep it to yourself. If you love them please share!

Baby A = Aaliyah
Baby B = Jocelyn

I have an appointment on Monday.


agentjimbo said...

Great names, look forward to meeting them!

Sarah said...

I'll comment since I love the names :) Picking one name is tough..picking two must be even more tough! Adorable names for adorable babes (ok, so they're not even born yet, but I already know they will be adorable)!