Friday, March 19, 2010

25 Weeks - Happy St. Patrick's Day!

We are at 25 weeks (4 weeks longer with no bed rest). I had a doctor's appointment on Monday. Everything checked out great. The babies growth are about a week different, but that is still similar enough for the doctor's to feel comfortable about it. I remember Ethan and Bennett always measuring a little different. The other two measurements (cervix and amniotic fluid) also were good. There was no change. Sometimes I wonder if I didn't get the cerclog this time around if I would of still been ok. Wasn't really a risk we were willing to take, but you have to wonder. I hear about woman all the time having incompetent cervix and then having other children without any issues. Funny how our bodies work.

On St. Patrick's Day, Brett made us some delicious corned beef Rubens. He even bought the waffle fries so that we could feel like we were on the deck at Fitz's in Eagan watching volleyball. We have never made corned beef before. For me it was really easy because Brett did the cooking. It just went in the crock pot all day and came about delicious.

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You look so cute!