Thursday, March 11, 2010

24 Weeks

This week was my week off from a visit to the clinic. My next appointment is on Monday. We (all three of us) are doing great. I don't feel like I have had to slow down all that much. Sometimes I should probably sit still more. At work I am preparing for my leave. These next two months will be pretty busy with meetings. Yes, we only have a little more than 2 months left. I am shooting for June 1st so that the kiddos can be at least 14 months apart. This pregnancy has really flown by. I think last time it was slower because of bed rest. Now that life is more busy it goes by.

Funny thing is that people are still finding out that I am pregnant. I am like a legend at the clinic. When I have a new nurse/tech they ask me my story and say, "oh, I have heard about you." I get a lot of "God bless you dear." I still am getting the big eyes, wide mouth, holy crap looks. All the time people will ask me "how are you going to do it? Is someone moving into your house?" The response that I always give people is that I have a really good husband. I think some people ask this question because they quickly reflect back to when they raised their children. Luckily Brett is not my father (no offense Dad!). Brett is a huge help and very involved in the care of the boys. Yes, there are times that his agenda of playing takes precedent over working on the basement or cleaning the toilets, but really it could be worse. I don't mean to brag about my man or make you jealous but we are a team and so we are both responsible. I didn't accomplish these pregnancies on my me! People keep saying, "you are going to be so busy!!" I say, how is that any different than life before? I am just busy with something different. May not always be my agenda but I am sure that it will be fun.

This weekend is Jane's Jubilee at Kingswood Camp. All the Souhrada ladies are getting together to sew. I am super excited because I have a lot of projects that I want to work on. Brett is on his own with Ethan and Bennett. This will only be the second time that I will spend a night away from the boys. After a week of being single parent (Brett was on work travel) I am looking forward to it!

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