Tuesday, March 2, 2010

23 Weeks

Yesterday was my appointment.  Everything is checking out just amazing.  Wierd how this is a different pregnancy then last time.  I do have an appreciation for all the mornings that Brett use to put my socks on and the fact that I didn't have to worry about piles of laundry.  I am experiencing some new aches, tiredness, and lack of blood flow to the brain as I try to do my normal activities.  It has made me feel a little stupidier but I need to celebrate that I am not confined to the walls of my house and chained to my couch.  So tonight it was made official that I am pregnant.  I was annoyed with the belly that was running into the diaper changing table as I was trying to change Ethan.  I need longer arms!  Ethan has this new thing when he gets his diaper changed....he likes to flip over to his stomache.  Doesn't make it easy to get a diaper attached to his bum.  So the appointment, it was good.  The doctor's are very happy with all my stats.  I get to skip next week, YES!  Cervix is fine, amniotic fluid levels are fine, and they measured the babies - which showed us that they are growing at a similar rate.  They were measured to be growing within days of each other and the weights are below.

Baby A = 1 lb 6 oz
Baby B = 1 lb 3 oz

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