Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bath Fun

These pictures are not very good at all. The boys were active in the bath tub so they are blurry and huge shadows. However, they were to cute to not post. We have been giving them baths in the kitchen sink for a long time now, but went back to the bath tub for a trial run. It went pretty good. I think they appreciated the ability to move around.This last picture was a different day. Brett gave him horns. Thought it might make you smile today!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Messin' Around

These pictures are from a few week ago. We were just hanging out one Thursday and I was able to get some pictures of the cutest babies in the world. I am their mom so I am allowed to say that. The coasters are almost as tasty as the pyrex lids.

What is that?

Why do you look so suspicious? What is that white stuff all over my floor....AND in my work shoes? Why are you playing with it like finger paint? Just play with the pyrex lids and let Mommy wipe it up. At least it is on my hardwood floor instead of the carpet. Way to look at the bright side MJ.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

27 Weeks

27 Weeks - yeah, bring it on! I still go to the mall, pump my own gas, work a full time job, and make meals. I have only asked Brett to put my socks on for me once. The worst part is that the girls are squishing my lungs at times.

We picked names!!! Some of you may already know, but we decided on names for the girls. IF you hate them, keep it to yourself. If you love them please share!

Baby A = Aaliyah
Baby B = Jocelyn

I have an appointment on Monday.

Sleeping Boys

A while ago we started letting Ethan and Bennett have a blanket in their crib. We feel like they really like them. Usually it is lodged under their body somewhere. I am in the process of making the blankets so they have a back up when we need to wash the other ones. Their blankets are blue with brown appliqued giraffes. Thanks for the blankets Eva!
This last picture is actually of Ethan with his butt propped up in the air while he sleeps. You can find them both sleeping in this position. It was nice that we caught him on a day when he had his monkey butt pants on.

i left the gate open

They have discovered that the gate to the stairs has a door and sometimes thier parents don't always remember to lock it. I was upstairs and I heard the gate swinging back and forth. And then there was silence. I thought I would just check over the foyer wall to see what the were doing and they were half way to me. They keep getting better at the stairs. I got pics of them when they made it to the top.

Friday, March 26, 2010

battle of the really cool red thingy

So far E and B haven't figured out ownership of toys. This was the first that I have really seen them go after the same thing. I guess we have seen the rings torn out of each others hands and a lttle crying, but most the time they just go to the next ring. We mostly have seen Bennett be the toy stealer but this video makes me think that Ethan will be able to hold his own. It made me laugh more than anything.

Why do my windows have fingerprints?

This was one day at home with the boys. In addition to fingerprinting my windows they have discovered mirrors and the large big screen tv in the living room. They pound on the surfaces. I am hoping that they will break Brett's tv so that we can get something smaller. The tv is from about the year 2000. We bought it when we lived in the Burnsville house about 3 days before Superbowl Sunday. We thought we were cool. Now I just wonder what I could do with that extra square feet if the tv wasn't there.
Honestly the space would probably jus be taken up with more toys. Can't wait for the basement to house all the toys.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Made By MJ

I did it! I made a hat. Too bad I have two kids. This was the project that I started last weekend on the retreat and I was able to finish it at home. I bought the pattern off etsy, however, made some of my own modifications. I have noticed that once you get going with crocheting you can take more of a liberty to make things up as you go. The pattern had me made the brim half the size that you see it in the picture. It was silly looking so I pulled it out and made my own style with a contrast color on the edge to give it some definition. I enjoy crocheting and plan to make some more thing (maybe baby booties!). I am going to start over on two more hats. I think the second time around I could do a better job. These boys do make my work look pretty dang good though. I do have the perfect models.

Friday, March 19, 2010

25 Weeks - Happy St. Patrick's Day!

We are at 25 weeks (4 weeks longer with no bed rest). I had a doctor's appointment on Monday. Everything checked out great. The babies growth are about a week different, but that is still similar enough for the doctor's to feel comfortable about it. I remember Ethan and Bennett always measuring a little different. The other two measurements (cervix and amniotic fluid) also were good. There was no change. Sometimes I wonder if I didn't get the cerclog this time around if I would of still been ok. Wasn't really a risk we were willing to take, but you have to wonder. I hear about woman all the time having incompetent cervix and then having other children without any issues. Funny how our bodies work.

On St. Patrick's Day, Brett made us some delicious corned beef Rubens. He even bought the waffle fries so that we could feel like we were on the deck at Fitz's in Eagan watching volleyball. We have never made corned beef before. For me it was really easy because Brett did the cooking. It just went in the crock pot all day and came about delicious.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Jane's Jubilee

What you have all been waiting for....

Every year the Souhrada women take a retreat together. We go to United Methodist Kingswood Camp in Mound. The weekend's activities are mostly sewing and crafting. There was plenty of chatting, wine drinking, eating, and don't forget about the naps! Year's past this retreat has always been called the Souhrada Women's Retreat, but this year was dubbed Jane's Jubilee in honor of our Jane. Another upgrade was that Jane's Sister's in Love came to the party. Really, a great weekend. Makes me look forward to next year.Sister's in Love with Grandma Cookie. Grandma is holding our symbol of Jane. It is one of Jane's pumps (she had a lot!) that was made into a pin cushion. Of course the hot pink one was selected. It matched the bright pink nail polish that she often wore.

This year I had quite an agenda for myself. I am always a little over ambitious because it is hard to accomplish things at home with the boys. My family thinks Iam nesting. I was determined to learn how to crochet which I did with Grandma's help. You can see that Grandma had to take breaks from crocheting too. The funny part is that my mom yelled over to Grandma to take a nap and immediately Grandma put down her project and fell asleep. Funny how things have changed from mother giving daughter orders to daughter giving mother orders.

CJ was also working hard on getting her Stone Mill Suite's work shirts embroidered. She has become quite a master on the machine, however, even a master sometimes messes up. She also made some cute onesies for her nieces. Love them!

I wasn't the only one that learned how to crochet. Grandma was very impressed with our mad skills. Especially at how tight Suzie could get her single crochets. Hopefully she will get those dish towels made soon.

The youngest attendee of the Souhrada Women's Retreat in the history is Norah Nagel. Norah is about 4 months old. I think that may appreciated having a baby part of the event. She slept through both nights - good baby!!

Aunt Marcia and Cousin Suzie....the sewing would not go on without these two because I think we would run out of projects or supplies. We have gotten into the habit of not being as prepared because we know that they have our back. They fill their car the brim with all their equipment plus! Marcia and Suzie own Pine Needles Quilt Shops in Racine, MN and Decorah, IA. That is where I get my supplies and go into debt. Check out their website! http://www.pnqs.net/

Finished projects....Congratulations to Sarah for starting and completing her first quilt! Mom, Cheryl, also finished hers. Looks pretty complicated to me. I haven't done applique yet, but I just got a new pattern from Suzie and I plan to learn. I did finish a quilt too and so I think I need a new challenge.

I hope everyone had as good of time as me! I finished my crocheted hat so when Bennett wakes from his nap I will have him model it for all of you!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Oh I can't leave out the video

I didn't see this till after my post. I don't know what the noise is, but Ethan likes it!

Day with Jodi

Jodi was super helpful to us one Friday that we were needing a fun companion for the boys. She is so good to document her day for us in a variety of ways. Of course the camera was clicking and I think this first picture would be her utilizing our timer. I am impressed! Looks like the boys had even a fantastic time eating. Jodi is good!! One of her favorite things of the day was watching the boys hold a ring in each hand and crawl with them. They really love those rings. I would say that it is the number one toy in our house. Her second form of documentation was the white erase board. We didn't find this till later but laughed when we say it. Loved it and all the detail. For sure read it!

I haven't forgotten

This post is for the Jane's Jubilee attendees. I have not forgotten to do the post with pics. Starting with my return home on Sunday afternoon my life got a little chaotic with sick children. After 4 hours at urgent care on Sunday night I finally got home to look at my clock one last time which lit up as 2:30am. It didn't take me long to do the math in my head that I was about to only get 4 hours of sleep before I had to get up. The second urgent care visit was Monday night and then yesterday was a follow up at the doctor's clinic because we weren't seeing the improvement. The outcome....one ear infection, pneumonia, coughing, wheezing, and a lot of whining.

Don't worry I will have time so everyone can see the lovely work we did this weekend.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Skype with Izzy

Ethan and Bennett's aunt Izzy is out in CA going to school. This week Bruce and Sandy came over for dinner and we Skyped with Izzy so that she could see the boys. It was pretty fun. In the pictures you will see Bruce holding both Bennett and Ethan so that Izzy can see them. Sandy is actually playing peek-a-boo with them so that they would smile and laugh. Then we discovered that Izzy could also play peek-a-boo on her computer camera. They were very confused because they could hear her voice but couldn't see her face and then she would pop up on the computer screen. We all miss Izzy lots. She is coming home this summer which is perfect timing for her to meet her new nieces.

24 Weeks

This week was my week off from a visit to the clinic. My next appointment is on Monday. We (all three of us) are doing great. I don't feel like I have had to slow down all that much. Sometimes I should probably sit still more. At work I am preparing for my leave. These next two months will be pretty busy with meetings. Yes, we only have a little more than 2 months left. I am shooting for June 1st so that the kiddos can be at least 14 months apart. This pregnancy has really flown by. I think last time it was slower because of bed rest. Now that life is more busy it goes by.

Funny thing is that people are still finding out that I am pregnant. I am like a legend at the clinic. When I have a new nurse/tech they ask me my story and say, "oh, I have heard about you." I get a lot of "God bless you dear." I still am getting the big eyes, wide mouth, holy crap looks. All the time people will ask me "how are you going to do it? Is someone moving into your house?" The response that I always give people is that I have a really good husband. I think some people ask this question because they quickly reflect back to when they raised their children. Luckily Brett is not my father (no offense Dad!). Brett is a huge help and very involved in the care of the boys. Yes, there are times that his agenda of playing takes precedent over working on the basement or cleaning the toilets, but really it could be worse. I don't mean to brag about my man or make you jealous but we are a team and so we are both responsible. I didn't accomplish these pregnancies on my own...trust me! People keep saying, "you are going to be so busy!!" I say, how is that any different than life before? I am just busy with something different. May not always be my agenda but I am sure that it will be fun.

This weekend is Jane's Jubilee at Kingswood Camp. All the Souhrada ladies are getting together to sew. I am super excited because I have a lot of projects that I want to work on. Brett is on his own with Ethan and Bennett. This will only be the second time that I will spend a night away from the boys. After a week of being single parent (Brett was on work travel) I am looking forward to it!

Dade loves these guys!

CJ and family came up last weekend for a visit. We went to the MOA on Saturday. Can I just say that I hate the MOA on Saturdays. There is a reason that I don't go there on the weekends. I just need to go every once in a while to remind myself. Dade bought a new Vikings hat which he kindly shared with E and B. However, the next morning he had on a Packers jersey and a Vikings hat. I think he might be confused but then again people could say the same about Bret Favre. Dade played a lot with these guys. He even helped feed them!
What a nice cousin to share his football jersey with Ethan. We had a great time. My living room got rearranged too. I have actually been enjoying the set up this week. Now I just need to prevent Brett from moving it back.

Monday, March 8, 2010


Bennett discovered the stairs a little while ago and since we have been practicing. As you will notice from the picture story his first attempt did not have a happy ending. At night I let the boys crawl the stairs. Besides being good practice it makes going upstairs an easier trip for their 24 week pregnant mommy.