Monday, February 15, 2010

Souhrada Christmas & Grandma's 90th Bday

Every year the Souhrada's celebrate Christmas on President's Day Weekend. Typically we invade a resort in Whalan, MN but this year we were given the opportunity for a new experience. 2010 Christmas brought us to a hotel in Shakopee. It was a pleasant surprise to most of us at how much we enjoyed the new set up. We all had our own rooms, but then rented out a gathering space that housed our sewing machines and was the common ground for everyone. The highlight for the kids was the pool that included an indoor water slide. I think pretty much at all times there was at least one of the family members in the pool. Mom and Marcia even went down the water slide. We had a great time and Ethan and Bennett did great even though they were in a different environment. Highlights for Ethan and Bennett were:
~Playing with all the cousins
~Swimming for the second time
~Getting their first hair cut
My cousin Ericka cut both of their hair. Ethan's hair sticking up had nothing to do with her. It is his bed head from the night before. Thanks Ericka! Brett was the salon chair and had to do a little holding. We were trying to prevent eye pokes or ear clippings from happening. So I think I can learn how to give hair cuts. I think it would be financially beneficial to pick up this skill. The sewing started on Thursday night. Friday morning came and the sewing resumed. Ethan and Bennett even enjoyed helping Grandma Cookie sew by pushing her foot pedal down from under the table.
Marcia took some time to show Bennett how to make "flying geese"?Mom scooted Ethan up next to her while she was sewing. She would take a break when he lost his toy ring to pay with. Little Faith was very interested in the automatic sewing machine. Colleen finished her embroidery project and only broke the machine once. Luckily there was an engineer in the group.Grandma fixing one of the many mistakes that took place. Grandma doesn't bring her sewing machine when we get together. She brings red work, but I don't think she every gets much done. She ends up helping all of us and ripping our seams that we messed up on. She is really fast at pulling those stitches out. Good news, I finished my quilt and Grandma took it home to finish the border. This is good because if I didn't finish it that weekend there wasn't a chance that it was getting done at my house.

Happy Birthday to Grandma!!! We celebrated Grandma Cookie's 90th birthday. It was a great time. The kids brought her some loot and those that are musically talented shared a song with her.Ethan and Bennett were loved up by many! A few thanks to people for the weekend...
1. Colleen for getting an adjoining room with us and enjoying an early bedtime so that Ethan and Bennett had someone to put them to bed.
2. Grandma for helping me get my quilt done!
3. Suzie for making kolaches and taking pictures with me so that I wasn't the only one blinding people with flashes.
4. Wane-o and Fam, that was some good chili. I look forward to enjoying the many frozen bags in my freezer.
5. To Kelly for sewing one last quilt row together even though she didn't want to. Thanks for being patient with my lack of back stitch.
6. Ericka, Bennett and Ethan have never looked so good.
7. Marcia thank you for reminding me that I should get my sewing machine serviced once a year, but still loving me despite my negligence for the Bernina that I have owned for over 3 years now.
8. Thanks to dad for showing me how to program phone numbers into his new cell phone.
9. To Mason, for thinking that I am fascinating and wanting to show off my belly.
10. Brett for helping take care of the boys so that I could enjoy some sewing!

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