Thursday, February 25, 2010

Made by Jane

This was not expected, but I went on a trip to Sam's Club with my sister just planning to pick up the normal $28.97 container of similac formula. I ran by the clothes section and to my surprise the children's winter clothes were on clearance. I don't typically shop for clothes at Sam's, but after seeing the prices of a few items on clearance I couldn't resist. Seriously, carter's pj's for $2.80. The cheapest I have found these in other stores has been $5.99. I like to consider myself a bargain shopper, especially since we have two new expenses. It is like a game to me. I will take my time and pass up "ok" deals because I want to find the best deal. At Sam's I cleared them out: 4 pairs of pj's and 6 outfits that include pants, top, and jacket/vest all for only $37. To put it in perspective, I just bought E and B's dedication outfits and they were $23 a piece. The clothes are already in the girls closet.
So as I was taking the picture of the closet, I had to pull out a few things that are not new for the girls. They actually are one of a kind, Made by Jane! Not sure how mom managed to keep these around for all those years, but still have a few dresses that are handmade by my Aunt. I don't remembering wearing the first two, but I do remember the white one. It was my Easter dress one year. I clearly wore it because there is a light stain on the front. I bet some of my family might remember it too! Grandma Cookie, notice the dresser that they are hanging on?
In addition to some clothes, I have started to collect some items for the girls nursery. Again, it has to follow the same line of a good deal. As you will notice the orange target clearance stickers on the items below. So I have a theme for the girls room now...birds. I bought this DwellStudio line that was on clearance at Target. So the funny story is that found one of the pink applique blankets at Target and just decided to go to another Target to pick up another. Little did I know that it was sold out everywhere. I have a friend who has an in at Target and it literally was sold out of every store in the US. At another friend's suggestion, I checked on Ebay and there was ONLY one being sold. Brett knew how much I wanted and he assured me that he would get it for me. Well, since you can see two blankets below you will be happy to know that Brett was my hero! We have these same blankets for the boys and the absolutely love them. They are so soft! So we know that the girls will like them as well.

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to give a small recommendation:

Parent's Choice Organic Formula is equivalent to Similac Organic, but it is half the price of the Similac.

The benefits of cheaper formula is wonderful because it stands to the same FDA requirements, and is literally the same formula, but much cheaper. A can of Similac is $25 and a can of the Parent's Choice is $14. Parent's Choice is the only brand we've found that makes an Organic formula. If you've looked at the ingredients of your formula, you'll notice that the second ingredient is High Fructose Corn Syrup. :)

Just a suggestion since you'll soon have 2 more babies on formula!