Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Enough about those girls, back to the boys!

I feel like I have been so involved with the pregnancy that I haven't written lately about the boys. I am happy to report that Ethan and Bennett are doing great. Minus a few colds and two (well actually 4) ear infections we have had a pretty good winter. I was worried that we would be battling infections, snotty noses, and coughing on a 24/7 basis. I feel fortunate that we typically get 1-2 good weeks in between the sickness. The boys were 10 months yesterday!
New things the boys can do:

Feeding - Ethan can put Gerber puffs in his mouth! This is exciting because I can see how close we are to them being able to feed themselves. It is similar to the holding their own bottles milestone. You forget how much time you spend feeding your babies until you don't have to do it anymore and now you can concentrate on feeding your own mouth. Bennett is a little more behind. He tries but doesn't quite get it. Really don't give Ethan a ton of credit. He basically eats his fist and the the puff makes its way out of his grip.

Pulling themselves up to standing - this happened a long time ago. I feel like they spend more time trying to find something to climb then they do playing with toys. Their crib rails are on their way to having gnaw marks. I would say teeth marks, but this house is still not cutting teeth.

Walking - You saw he video of Bennett. It takes some motivation to get him going, but Tow Mater knows how to encourage some movement.

Ticklish - this would be Ethan. A little tickle under the neck or on the bottom of the feet will get him laughing. Best sound in the world.

Making Raspberries - this would be Bennett. It reminds me of when I was a kid and use to play tractors with my cousin. We would make this sound to resemble the tractors motor. Bennett is constantly blowing spit and making raspberries around the house. Just for fun this time, not because he is trying to avoid taking medicine.

Chew saks - that is what we call the mesh bags that allow the boys to chew/suck on chunks of real fruit. They sound like hoover vacuums when they get going. I have a picture to show you. They are big fans of mandarin oranges.
I took these pictures of the boys last week. Again, a little bit of a challenge to get a picture of both of them smiling and looking at the camera. So I am going to except that I am going to get what I get and still blow them up for my obnoxious 11 x 14 frame. Got some good ones of them making some weird faces.


Cheryl's Apparel said...

The boys need lotion on their cheeks. Grandma knows about these things.

Anonymous said...

They are so smiley! Love that. Also, I knew they would love the feeding bags! Was a hit with T and G too! :)