Monday, February 22, 2010

Baby on the Stove

Last night Brett and I finally cashed in on my birthday present. We had tickets to the Chanhassen Dinner Theatre, Footloose. The show was great plus I had very good company. It is fun to go out with Brett. So we had our friends Megan and Mike watch the boys. They took some time to document their night. Megan and Mike are excellent twin sitters. They take very good care of Ethan and Bennett. Well, that might be questionable after viewing the next pictures, but at least the boys were alive when we got home. It looks like they had a good time! Brett and I seriously laughed until we cried after we found this picture of Bennett on the stove. Leave it to Megan and Mike to make the night special. I absolutely love it!
Brett does this all the time. They love to be held upside down. Bennett will through his body backwards to be upside down. I am just impressed that Ethan is still holding the rubber ducky.
So the report at the end of the night was that there was a few poopy diapers. I think Mags took the majority of them. She was a trooper and her sweatshirt even suffered a little smelly stain. There is proof that Mike did at least one. You know who your true friends are when you are willing to wipe your kids poopy butt.
How couldn't Ethan and Bennett not have a good time with this entertainment. Thanks Megan and Mike for letting us have a night out. We love you!

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