Friday, February 26, 2010

22 Weeks, Really 23

The pictures are from 22 weeks, but technically I am 23 weeks.  No doctor report for this week because it was my skip week.  I do have my next appointment on Monday.  Hoping for a good report out so that I can again have a skip week. 

We are all doing great.  The girls are moving around like crazy.  I like to think that they are doing acrobats in my tummy.  My someday they will be gymnists.  Actually I have already decided that they will be volleyball players. 

Since I made it to 21 weeks I have gotten a little cocky.  I am just so excited to still being doing things.  I have noticed that getting socks and shoes on is very difficult.  And my shoes are tight....I didn't really wear shoes last pregnancy so I didn't notice the feet swelling until I tried to get my Sofft 2 inch heeled boots on.  I couldn't even make it through a song at church without sitting down.  To say the least, I might have to invest in some bigger slip on shoes.

This was a busy week and I am glad that it is over.  Tomorrow promises a day full of work at home (I have a list for Brett) and of course the basement.  We are trying to finish the basement before these girls come.  If we don't, I don't think it will ever get done.  First thing on the list, clean the toilets.  I'll show you why later....

Time for bed!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Made by Jane

This was not expected, but I went on a trip to Sam's Club with my sister just planning to pick up the normal $28.97 container of similac formula. I ran by the clothes section and to my surprise the children's winter clothes were on clearance. I don't typically shop for clothes at Sam's, but after seeing the prices of a few items on clearance I couldn't resist. Seriously, carter's pj's for $2.80. The cheapest I have found these in other stores has been $5.99. I like to consider myself a bargain shopper, especially since we have two new expenses. It is like a game to me. I will take my time and pass up "ok" deals because I want to find the best deal. At Sam's I cleared them out: 4 pairs of pj's and 6 outfits that include pants, top, and jacket/vest all for only $37. To put it in perspective, I just bought E and B's dedication outfits and they were $23 a piece. The clothes are already in the girls closet.
So as I was taking the picture of the closet, I had to pull out a few things that are not new for the girls. They actually are one of a kind, Made by Jane! Not sure how mom managed to keep these around for all those years, but still have a few dresses that are handmade by my Aunt. I don't remembering wearing the first two, but I do remember the white one. It was my Easter dress one year. I clearly wore it because there is a light stain on the front. I bet some of my family might remember it too! Grandma Cookie, notice the dresser that they are hanging on?
In addition to some clothes, I have started to collect some items for the girls nursery. Again, it has to follow the same line of a good deal. As you will notice the orange target clearance stickers on the items below. So I have a theme for the girls room now...birds. I bought this DwellStudio line that was on clearance at Target. So the funny story is that found one of the pink applique blankets at Target and just decided to go to another Target to pick up another. Little did I know that it was sold out everywhere. I have a friend who has an in at Target and it literally was sold out of every store in the US. At another friend's suggestion, I checked on Ebay and there was ONLY one being sold. Brett knew how much I wanted and he assured me that he would get it for me. Well, since you can see two blankets below you will be happy to know that Brett was my hero! We have these same blankets for the boys and the absolutely love them. They are so soft! So we know that the girls will like them as well.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Baby on the Stove

Last night Brett and I finally cashed in on my birthday present. We had tickets to the Chanhassen Dinner Theatre, Footloose. The show was great plus I had very good company. It is fun to go out with Brett. So we had our friends Megan and Mike watch the boys. They took some time to document their night. Megan and Mike are excellent twin sitters. They take very good care of Ethan and Bennett. Well, that might be questionable after viewing the next pictures, but at least the boys were alive when we got home. It looks like they had a good time! Brett and I seriously laughed until we cried after we found this picture of Bennett on the stove. Leave it to Megan and Mike to make the night special. I absolutely love it!
Brett does this all the time. They love to be held upside down. Bennett will through his body backwards to be upside down. I am just impressed that Ethan is still holding the rubber ducky.
So the report at the end of the night was that there was a few poopy diapers. I think Mags took the majority of them. She was a trooper and her sweatshirt even suffered a little smelly stain. There is proof that Mike did at least one. You know who your true friends are when you are willing to wipe your kids poopy butt.
How couldn't Ethan and Bennett not have a good time with this entertainment. Thanks Megan and Mike for letting us have a night out. We love you!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

21 Weeks - I made it!

Great news...I am 21 weeks and I am not on bed rest! So this time in my last pregnancy was the dreaded doctor's appointment that sent me directly home. I did not get to pass go or collect my $200. You will all be happy to know that my doctor's appointment was yesterday and I was given an excellent report. Cervix is long (she actually said, longer than typical), amniotic fluid measurements were within .5 cm of each other, and the placenta privier is moving up as I grow. Dr. Pratt gave me the go ahead to cancel next week's appointment and go back at 23 weeks! So I am at least golden for two more weeks. Surprising how this is all working out considering the events of last time. I am doing more physical activity (lifting boys of a solid 22 pounds), getting less rest, and things are pretty good. So nothing to report for the next few weeks. I have pictures from this week's appointment. My sister went with me. Thanks CJ!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Souhrada Christmas & Grandma's 90th Bday

Every year the Souhrada's celebrate Christmas on President's Day Weekend. Typically we invade a resort in Whalan, MN but this year we were given the opportunity for a new experience. 2010 Christmas brought us to a hotel in Shakopee. It was a pleasant surprise to most of us at how much we enjoyed the new set up. We all had our own rooms, but then rented out a gathering space that housed our sewing machines and was the common ground for everyone. The highlight for the kids was the pool that included an indoor water slide. I think pretty much at all times there was at least one of the family members in the pool. Mom and Marcia even went down the water slide. We had a great time and Ethan and Bennett did great even though they were in a different environment. Highlights for Ethan and Bennett were:
~Playing with all the cousins
~Swimming for the second time
~Getting their first hair cut
My cousin Ericka cut both of their hair. Ethan's hair sticking up had nothing to do with her. It is his bed head from the night before. Thanks Ericka! Brett was the salon chair and had to do a little holding. We were trying to prevent eye pokes or ear clippings from happening. So I think I can learn how to give hair cuts. I think it would be financially beneficial to pick up this skill. The sewing started on Thursday night. Friday morning came and the sewing resumed. Ethan and Bennett even enjoyed helping Grandma Cookie sew by pushing her foot pedal down from under the table.
Marcia took some time to show Bennett how to make "flying geese"?Mom scooted Ethan up next to her while she was sewing. She would take a break when he lost his toy ring to pay with. Little Faith was very interested in the automatic sewing machine. Colleen finished her embroidery project and only broke the machine once. Luckily there was an engineer in the group.Grandma fixing one of the many mistakes that took place. Grandma doesn't bring her sewing machine when we get together. She brings red work, but I don't think she every gets much done. She ends up helping all of us and ripping our seams that we messed up on. She is really fast at pulling those stitches out. Good news, I finished my quilt and Grandma took it home to finish the border. This is good because if I didn't finish it that weekend there wasn't a chance that it was getting done at my house.

Happy Birthday to Grandma!!! We celebrated Grandma Cookie's 90th birthday. It was a great time. The kids brought her some loot and those that are musically talented shared a song with her.Ethan and Bennett were loved up by many! A few thanks to people for the weekend...
1. Colleen for getting an adjoining room with us and enjoying an early bedtime so that Ethan and Bennett had someone to put them to bed.
2. Grandma for helping me get my quilt done!
3. Suzie for making kolaches and taking pictures with me so that I wasn't the only one blinding people with flashes.
4. Wane-o and Fam, that was some good chili. I look forward to enjoying the many frozen bags in my freezer.
5. To Kelly for sewing one last quilt row together even though she didn't want to. Thanks for being patient with my lack of back stitch.
6. Ericka, Bennett and Ethan have never looked so good.
7. Marcia thank you for reminding me that I should get my sewing machine serviced once a year, but still loving me despite my negligence for the Bernina that I have owned for over 3 years now.
8. Thanks to dad for showing me how to program phone numbers into his new cell phone.
9. To Mason, for thinking that I am fascinating and wanting to show off my belly.
10. Brett for helping take care of the boys so that I could enjoy some sewing!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

They've got dimples!

And they still have their baby blues. But no teeth coming yet. Ethan and Bennett are doing great. Crawling and discovering the ins and outs of the house. They eat and sleep good so no complaints. I have already been talking to them about how they need to figure out this walking thing by the time the girls come. I can't carry them all at one time. We are trying to teach them Mama and Dada. Well Brett has been working on Dada and I have been focusing on Mama. They can say it they just don't intentionally say it. We will keep working on it.

20 Weeks

My appointment was on Tuesday. Everything checked out absolutely fantastic. They were going to let me go two weeks, but I have to go back next week for a cervix measurement. We, all three of us, are doing great. I am still on my feet so that is something to be thankful for.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Enough about those girls, back to the boys!

I feel like I have been so involved with the pregnancy that I haven't written lately about the boys. I am happy to report that Ethan and Bennett are doing great. Minus a few colds and two (well actually 4) ear infections we have had a pretty good winter. I was worried that we would be battling infections, snotty noses, and coughing on a 24/7 basis. I feel fortunate that we typically get 1-2 good weeks in between the sickness. The boys were 10 months yesterday!
New things the boys can do:

Feeding - Ethan can put Gerber puffs in his mouth! This is exciting because I can see how close we are to them being able to feed themselves. It is similar to the holding their own bottles milestone. You forget how much time you spend feeding your babies until you don't have to do it anymore and now you can concentrate on feeding your own mouth. Bennett is a little more behind. He tries but doesn't quite get it. Really don't give Ethan a ton of credit. He basically eats his fist and the the puff makes its way out of his grip.

Pulling themselves up to standing - this happened a long time ago. I feel like they spend more time trying to find something to climb then they do playing with toys. Their crib rails are on their way to having gnaw marks. I would say teeth marks, but this house is still not cutting teeth.

Walking - You saw he video of Bennett. It takes some motivation to get him going, but Tow Mater knows how to encourage some movement.

Ticklish - this would be Ethan. A little tickle under the neck or on the bottom of the feet will get him laughing. Best sound in the world.

Making Raspberries - this would be Bennett. It reminds me of when I was a kid and use to play tractors with my cousin. We would make this sound to resemble the tractors motor. Bennett is constantly blowing spit and making raspberries around the house. Just for fun this time, not because he is trying to avoid taking medicine.

Chew saks - that is what we call the mesh bags that allow the boys to chew/suck on chunks of real fruit. They sound like hoover vacuums when they get going. I have a picture to show you. They are big fans of mandarin oranges.
I took these pictures of the boys last week. Again, a little bit of a challenge to get a picture of both of them smiling and looking at the camera. So I am going to except that I am going to get what I get and still blow them up for my obnoxious 11 x 14 frame. Got some good ones of them making some weird faces.

Level 2 Ultrasound

Yesterday we had our level 2 ultrasound. I was technically 19 weeks and 3 days. Everything went great. They measured on track and the best part is that they had similar measurements. They are growing at close rates and that was the best news. The doctor was happy to see that nothing had changed for 3 weeks and she was very positive. They are still watching us pretty closely, but I feel much better about all of it. OH and I suppose you might also want to know that my cervix is great. It is long and we are good. Funny, the thing that gave me problems last pregnancy might not really do much this pregnancy. Just to give you some perspective, last pregnancy I went on bed rest at 21 weeks, so 9 days from now. I have a good feeling that when I leave the doctor's office for my 21 week visit I will be returning to work.

I have a picture of the stat read out from the ultrasound yesterday but it might be too small to read. So what you really want to know is that the girls are measuring within 2 days of each other. Weight for baby A = 12 oz and Weight for baby B = 11 oz

The other two pictures of of both of the girls (they were still able to get them together, kind of) and a foot. As you will notice she has all 5 of her toes.