Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Toys are overrated

So my living room shelves have turned into toy storage. These black shelves use to display my giraffes, pictures, nick knacks, etc. I have retired all that crap (yes, it now is crap to me) to the top of the foyer closet where I use to have a nice display and now is an eclectic clutter. I am ok with this. I am told that someday I can have all the nice things back. But really it is nice not to have to dust all the glass and wood statues. So why would you play with any of the toys on the shelf when you can play with pyrex lids? I'm taking all of their Christmas presents back to the store. This is Bennett's new thing. He likes to find two items and bang them together. So far I am not annoyed. He figured this out shortly after he figured out he could clap.Later on I found them doing this at the shelf and it made me feel better about all the toys that we have around here. Kelly and family came over last weekend with a few more to add to the collection. 16 batteries later, we were in business. I have to admit...they love the whirly tirly thing. So we do have a lot of toys, but if you think about it they are going to get played with by 4 kids so money well spent. Well, not my money. This is a bonus of having kids last in the families!!

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Jacob said...

I hear ya on the toys! Here's a pic of the closet in our girls' playroom:


(And that's just some of their stuff, we still have more downstairs in the basement. And never mind all of the hordes of stuff we've already given away or donated!)

Some days they will just play with a little sheet of stickers all day long and not touch any of those toys. Other days they will have EVERYTHING all over the place.

I love it though, and the girls get a kick out of it. I think the key is to have a place to put everything away to, and it looks like your shelf has suited that well.