Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pink and Purple are in our future

It is true!! Keeping the family as an even number and evening out the genders. I no longer will be the only pink lover in the house. Yesterday I had an appointment and we were able to confirm the genders. We are so excited for the baby girls on the way. Ethan and Bennett are the most excited. They promised not to beat up on them......too much.Stats for the babies are:

Baby A = 6 oz.
Baby B = 5 oz.

Here is both of the girls in the ultrasound picture. This will be the last time that we can get a picture like this because they are growing. Baby B Baby A


Sarah said...

YAHOO! That is so great you two are expecting girls! What a fun way to even it all out. Love you guys and congrats!

Becca said...

Google! I'm so excited for you too!