Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Projects

I have a few projects going on to wrap up the 2009 year. I decided that I had to give up scrapbooking. That if I was going to use my free time for something it was going to be quilting. Really the majority of my free time goes to picture management and documentation. Which leads me to my other projects of the year.
1. Baby Books - so far I am up to date on Ethan and Bennett's. I just finished Christmas so I have a break until the next holiday. When they have a first I write it on my dry erase board and then transfer everything at once. Works slick. Even though I have two to fill out it isn't that bad because I copy 99% of the text. Not too much different happens in their lives right now. I am getting excited because soon I will be adding two more books. So here is a benefit of having children close together, the baby books I bought for the boys still exist so I will be picking up two more of them in the pink version. 2. Blog to Print - I found a website with some free software to download my blog into a book to be printed. It is pretty slick. I took all my 2009 posts and "slurped" them into this software. I am able to adjust the text, fonts, pictures, layouts, etc. I found a different first which was a little more limited but I like the new one I found much better. I think today I spent only 6 hours working on it and I am about a third of the way done. In case you are interested the program is called BookSmart that I got from
3. Picture book - well with the new discovery of the blog to print book and I might be ditching this idea. I will order the book first and then decide if I need to make a shutterfly picture book of all the 2009 pictures. I might just do a 2009 picture book of the professional pictures and forget about the "home pics".
4. One more picture project - my sister recently did this. So I grew up with the old 35mm film for cameras and then the digital world came around when I was just graduating from college. So that means I have a lot of printed pictures in photo albums that tend to take up a lot of space. I was thinking about scanning all these pictures to have electronic versions and I can dump the rest. I think I have about 10 albums. We'll see if this makes the 2009 cut.
5. Girls nursery - I bought some stuff. I am trying to get the room cleaned out. I plan to make a curtain. When I make some progress I will share some pictures.
6. Quilt - While mom was up last week I cut out my fabric for a Happy Hour quilt. I had to have bought the fabric a good 2 years ago. President's Day Weekend is coming up. The Souhrada family gets together for Christmas and for Grandma Cookie's birthday. This year she will be 90. I plan to get a good start on this quilt and have it finished by the end of the year. Then it will only take mom about another year or so to quilt it with her long arm.
7. Oh yeah, and grow two little girls.

I'm on it!


Jacob said...

One of the guys I work for knows the owners of Blurb, nice to see that you got some use out of it. We tried to import out blog through it, but we have so many posts that the software just couldn't really handle it.

We do Shutterfly books now for our pics, very easy and with a few coupon codes found on the web you're in business :)

Good luck with all of your data capturing!

Anonymous said...

Goodness Lady! I don't check your blog for a month or two and all of a sudden, you've had so much news to share! I'm SO happy for you! I'm proud of your photography skills and growing family and how you've managed to actually do baby books...fabulous!

I have a great idea for a pregnancy session, BTW ; )