Saturday, January 23, 2010

Grandma Cheryl

Grandma Cheryl came for a visit. Luckily she was available to spend time with the boys because Brett had to go on some work travel. The boys are showing off their new pajamas that Grandma bought for them. The boys have not been feeling very good lately. I think they got the cold that I had and am still nursing. It is pretty funny to see them sneeze. They will have about 2 inches of snot that will hang from their nose after letting go of a sneeze. This cold is full of snot and coughing. So far we don't think an ear infection came with this one. Grandma Cheryl spent lots of time playing with the boys, giving them baths, and sewing her aprons. She told me that she had to start unplugging her foot pedal to the sewing machine because when she was off doing something else all of the sudden the sewing machine was running. It was the boys playing under her that found a new toy. Thanks for coming up mom! It is always nice to have you here. I think my sewing machine appreciates the attention too.

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