Saturday, January 9, 2010

9 Month Pictures

This is the first set of 9 month pictures and this would be my second attempt at pictures after Annie teaching me a few things. We have our first camera class at National Camera Exchange set up for later this month. I really like my camera and think it is pretty easy to use.

I took these on Thursday. Ethan did pretty good, but Bennett wasn't interested in sitting for the camera. Now that they crawl why would they want to sit in one place. I didn't get a very good one of the two of them either. One would smile and the other one would not. I really do need an assistant (ie: JC) when I do this. Enjoy...
This is par for the course from Bennett. He loves his tongue.
The only picture I got with Bennett smiling and not sticking out his tongue.
Ethan, again par for the course. Smiling to him is opening his mouth as wide as possible.It was just a cute face.
Now I need to give you an update of the boys. They obviously can crawl. They now have discovered that their limits don't end with the living room, but there are other rooms on the main level. They enjoy making their way into the kitchen to play with the fringes on the rugs or the sample tile under the black stand. Let's not forget they have a ton of cool toys they got from Christmas, but that they still want the remote control to the TV or my granola bar wrapper which can entertain them for 15 minutes. Both of them can pull themselves up to a standing position so those ottoman cubes have come in real handy for them. Going down for naps and the nighttime was a little tougher once they figured out how to sit up. I think we are past it now. It took some crying, but they know that I am in charge. Right before Christmas both of them developed colds. A week after that it got worse, so last weekend we were at urgent care both days (Saturday with Bennett and Sunday with Ethan) getting them checked out. We can out with ear infections and a little pneumonia. They are rounding the bend and doing better, but they HATE medicine. They see the syringe of white chalky liquid and both start making spitting noises. Luckily Brett does pretty good giving them their medicine. 10 days twice a day is 20 times and then we multiply that by two so that means we have 40 distributions of medicine. We started counting down on Monday night.
So far no one can say I told you so.....I was excited for Ethan and Bennett to start crawling and moving around. I still am happy that they are movers. I feel like instead of sitting there and crying because they can't get to a toy they now just go where they want. The both of them will play in the living room together all day. If they are crying they are usually hungry or tired. OR one of them just stuck their finger in the other one's eye. My house is on its way to being baby proofed (baby gate to the stairs is up) but I am not dreading it. I think in the past 3 weeks that Ethan and Bennett have gotten very fun! I really enjoyed my last Thursday at home with them, but that could also be because I am 16 weeks pregnant and almost done with the morning sickness. Ha!

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Jenny said...

Good thing I'm coming to "play cameras" on Thursday. We can take more 9 mo. photos! I can't wait! Hugs to the boys!