Friday, January 15, 2010

9 Month Check Up

Nine month check ups were last week. Here are some more pictures that I took. They did ok, but really are not interested in sitting still.
Here are the stats for the boys:
Weight: 21 lb 2 oz / 60%
Length: 27.5 inches / 25%
Head: 18 inches / 60 %
Weight: 20 lb 10 oz / 50%
Length: 27.5 inches / 25%
Head: 17.5 inches / 25%


Jacob said...

Wow great stats! Your boys are a lot bigger than my Benjamin -- he's 8 months old this week and only 16lbs! (about the same length too, just a touch shorter). He's just a little teeny peanut.

The kids are looking great, love the pictures -- and those bright blues!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love that first pic!! They are so darn cute!!!