Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tow Mater

Bennett has been practicing his walking with the assistance of Tow Mater. A Christmas present that is sure to get a lot of use. He is coming along which you will notice from the videos. The first one is from last night and the second video is from today. I'd say that he has made some improvement just over night. I tried to get Ethan to walk, but he immediately sat down in fear of what might happen.

19 Weeks

Today marks 19 weeks. I have a belly shot for you to enjoy. I have people going both ways on how my change is different than last time. So I have included my 19 week photo from today and also my 19 week photo from the last pregnancy. You be the judge, but if you asked me I would say that I feel bigger this time around, my tan is unexistent since I barely saw the sun last summer, and my hair is much darker. But I am still smilin'!
These are the ultrasound pictures from my appointment on Monday. Things are looking good, however, they are going to have me come once a week like last time. They just want to keep a close eye on me. This coming Monday we have the level 2 ultrasound. I should have some stats on the girls after that.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fraternal vs Identical

Here is my attempt to help delineate the difference between Ethan and Bennett and the new twins. Ethan and Bennett are fraternal twins. The new twins are identical. It is odd that we are having a set of each. It would more sense if the second set was also fraternal. Identical is not hereditary and is completely spontaneous. There is no evidence or reason of why identical twins happens. It just does. Like I said, I didn't decide this...he decided for me. And we couldn't be more THRILLED!
Here is my attempt to explain the difference.


Identical occurs when a single egg is fertilized to form one zygote which then divides into two separate embryos. This type of twins is called Monozygotic.


Fraternal occurs when two fertilized eggs are implanted in the uterine wall at the same time. This type of twins is called Dyzygotic.

However, there are a few different types of identical twins. Our twins happen to be Monochorionic. This type of twin tends to have two amniotic sacs (called monochorionic-diamniotic 'MoDi') which is the most common type of identical twins. The benefits of this type of identical twins is that since they do have a small membrane that separates them then there i less change of them getting tangled.

Here is the best picture that I could find to show it, but of course you will see the other kinds of twins as well.

My Projects

I have a few projects going on to wrap up the 2009 year. I decided that I had to give up scrapbooking. That if I was going to use my free time for something it was going to be quilting. Really the majority of my free time goes to picture management and documentation. Which leads me to my other projects of the year.
1. Baby Books - so far I am up to date on Ethan and Bennett's. I just finished Christmas so I have a break until the next holiday. When they have a first I write it on my dry erase board and then transfer everything at once. Works slick. Even though I have two to fill out it isn't that bad because I copy 99% of the text. Not too much different happens in their lives right now. I am getting excited because soon I will be adding two more books. So here is a benefit of having children close together, the baby books I bought for the boys still exist so I will be picking up two more of them in the pink version. 2. Blog to Print - I found a website with some free software to download my blog into a book to be printed. It is pretty slick. I took all my 2009 posts and "slurped" them into this software. I am able to adjust the text, fonts, pictures, layouts, etc. I found a different first which was a little more limited but I like the new one I found much better. I think today I spent only 6 hours working on it and I am about a third of the way done. In case you are interested the program is called BookSmart that I got from
3. Picture book - well with the new discovery of the blog to print book and I might be ditching this idea. I will order the book first and then decide if I need to make a shutterfly picture book of all the 2009 pictures. I might just do a 2009 picture book of the professional pictures and forget about the "home pics".
4. One more picture project - my sister recently did this. So I grew up with the old 35mm film for cameras and then the digital world came around when I was just graduating from college. So that means I have a lot of printed pictures in photo albums that tend to take up a lot of space. I was thinking about scanning all these pictures to have electronic versions and I can dump the rest. I think I have about 10 albums. We'll see if this makes the 2009 cut.
5. Girls nursery - I bought some stuff. I am trying to get the room cleaned out. I plan to make a curtain. When I make some progress I will share some pictures.
6. Quilt - While mom was up last week I cut out my fabric for a Happy Hour quilt. I had to have bought the fabric a good 2 years ago. President's Day Weekend is coming up. The Souhrada family gets together for Christmas and for Grandma Cookie's birthday. This year she will be 90. I plan to get a good start on this quilt and have it finished by the end of the year. Then it will only take mom about another year or so to quilt it with her long arm.
7. Oh yeah, and grow two little girls.

I'm on it!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Grandma Cheryl

Grandma Cheryl came for a visit. Luckily she was available to spend time with the boys because Brett had to go on some work travel. The boys are showing off their new pajamas that Grandma bought for them. The boys have not been feeling very good lately. I think they got the cold that I had and am still nursing. It is pretty funny to see them sneeze. They will have about 2 inches of snot that will hang from their nose after letting go of a sneeze. This cold is full of snot and coughing. So far we don't think an ear infection came with this one. Grandma Cheryl spent lots of time playing with the boys, giving them baths, and sewing her aprons. She told me that she had to start unplugging her foot pedal to the sewing machine because when she was off doing something else all of the sudden the sewing machine was running. It was the boys playing under her that found a new toy. Thanks for coming up mom! It is always nice to have you here. I think my sewing machine appreciates the attention too.

Vikings Playoffs - Game 1

Last weekend was the Vikings playoff game. We were able to have a few friends come over. The Vikings played the Dallas Cowboys and won. Tomorrow is game number 2 New Orleans Saints. We had a great time! We were able to even capture a family photo at the end of the night.
Pam, Bret, and little Lane joined the party. Ethan and Bennett got to hang out with their buddy. We tried to get a good picture of all three, but that was almost impossible. It makes me start to think that when we have 4 kids I am doomed. There is no chance they will all look at the camera at the same time.
Megan and Mike came! We put Megan to work not only once but twice.
Mike and Kristie were able to go to the game, but missed us so much that they stopped by afterward.
Trust me...this was the best out of the many. We had to even use Pam as a prop for Lane. But I did get some good individual pictures of all the boys.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

We Don't Pay This Girl Enough

We have been so fortunate to have Jodi and Tori babysit the boys. I only have to pay them in frozen pizza. And no, they are not available for that price to just anyone. I feel lucky that Tori thinks the boys are pretty cool and they are enamored by her. I finally found the last babysitting session on my camera's internal memory. Her she is working hard! Thanks Tori!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Toys are overrated

So my living room shelves have turned into toy storage. These black shelves use to display my giraffes, pictures, nick knacks, etc. I have retired all that crap (yes, it now is crap to me) to the top of the foyer closet where I use to have a nice display and now is an eclectic clutter. I am ok with this. I am told that someday I can have all the nice things back. But really it is nice not to have to dust all the glass and wood statues. So why would you play with any of the toys on the shelf when you can play with pyrex lids? I'm taking all of their Christmas presents back to the store. This is Bennett's new thing. He likes to find two items and bang them together. So far I am not annoyed. He figured this out shortly after he figured out he could clap.Later on I found them doing this at the shelf and it made me feel better about all the toys that we have around here. Kelly and family came over last weekend with a few more to add to the collection. 16 batteries later, we were in business. I have to admit...they love the whirly tirly thing. So we do have a lot of toys, but if you think about it they are going to get played with by 4 kids so money well spent. Well, not my money. This is a bonus of having kids last in the families!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

9 Month Check Up

Nine month check ups were last week. Here are some more pictures that I took. They did ok, but really are not interested in sitting still.
Here are the stats for the boys:
Weight: 21 lb 2 oz / 60%
Length: 27.5 inches / 25%
Head: 18 inches / 60 %
Weight: 20 lb 10 oz / 50%
Length: 27.5 inches / 25%
Head: 17.5 inches / 25%

Saturday, January 9, 2010

9 Month Pictures

This is the first set of 9 month pictures and this would be my second attempt at pictures after Annie teaching me a few things. We have our first camera class at National Camera Exchange set up for later this month. I really like my camera and think it is pretty easy to use.

I took these on Thursday. Ethan did pretty good, but Bennett wasn't interested in sitting for the camera. Now that they crawl why would they want to sit in one place. I didn't get a very good one of the two of them either. One would smile and the other one would not. I really do need an assistant (ie: JC) when I do this. Enjoy...
This is par for the course from Bennett. He loves his tongue.
The only picture I got with Bennett smiling and not sticking out his tongue.
Ethan, again par for the course. Smiling to him is opening his mouth as wide as possible.It was just a cute face.
Now I need to give you an update of the boys. They obviously can crawl. They now have discovered that their limits don't end with the living room, but there are other rooms on the main level. They enjoy making their way into the kitchen to play with the fringes on the rugs or the sample tile under the black stand. Let's not forget they have a ton of cool toys they got from Christmas, but that they still want the remote control to the TV or my granola bar wrapper which can entertain them for 15 minutes. Both of them can pull themselves up to a standing position so those ottoman cubes have come in real handy for them. Going down for naps and the nighttime was a little tougher once they figured out how to sit up. I think we are past it now. It took some crying, but they know that I am in charge. Right before Christmas both of them developed colds. A week after that it got worse, so last weekend we were at urgent care both days (Saturday with Bennett and Sunday with Ethan) getting them checked out. We can out with ear infections and a little pneumonia. They are rounding the bend and doing better, but they HATE medicine. They see the syringe of white chalky liquid and both start making spitting noises. Luckily Brett does pretty good giving them their medicine. 10 days twice a day is 20 times and then we multiply that by two so that means we have 40 distributions of medicine. We started counting down on Monday night.
So far no one can say I told you so.....I was excited for Ethan and Bennett to start crawling and moving around. I still am happy that they are movers. I feel like instead of sitting there and crying because they can't get to a toy they now just go where they want. The both of them will play in the living room together all day. If they are crying they are usually hungry or tired. OR one of them just stuck their finger in the other one's eye. My house is on its way to being baby proofed (baby gate to the stairs is up) but I am not dreading it. I think in the past 3 weeks that Ethan and Bennett have gotten very fun! I really enjoyed my last Thursday at home with them, but that could also be because I am 16 weeks pregnant and almost done with the morning sickness. Ha!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pink and Purple are in our future

It is true!! Keeping the family as an even number and evening out the genders. I no longer will be the only pink lover in the house. Yesterday I had an appointment and we were able to confirm the genders. We are so excited for the baby girls on the way. Ethan and Bennett are the most excited. They promised not to beat up on them......too much.Stats for the babies are:

Baby A = 6 oz.
Baby B = 5 oz.

Here is both of the girls in the ultrasound picture. This will be the last time that we can get a picture like this because they are growing. Baby B Baby A

Christmas Bags

Ethan and Bennett got these really cool bags from their Aunt CJ for Christmas. They have their initials. Brett picked out the pictures - can you tell that Bennett's is a speed boat. We absolutely love them and can't wait to pack them up to drop the boys off at Colleen's house when Brett and I go to Jamaica!