Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years 2011

Lobster Fest was a hit!  This was our 4th year of hosting a party.  We had an amazing group of friends. 

The crackers…


The leftovers…


The guests…


The kissing…


The group pic…


The end of the night…



Monday, December 27, 2010


It is only a matter of time until they figure out how to climb into the cribs and then unfortunately out of the cribs.  I have watched Ethan on several locations throw his leg over to the crib rail and start scaling over.  The boys like to climb up on the girls cribs and turn on their music boxes.  I think big boy beds are in our near future.



Saturday, December 25, 2010

2010 Christmas Day

This was a big day!  Started with more present opening, yes those kids are spoiled!  We cleaned the house some more, family started arriving around noon, and then Bruce and I went to pick up Izzy from the airport!  I was so excited to see her.  She was at door 3 (inside of course) since her winter jacket was still at her parents house in MN.  She ran out of the double doors in her skinny jeans, glasses, and white knitted beanie with ear flaps.  We brought her straight home and the festivities began.

2010.12.25 Christmas_1

There was cooking, napping, playing, and of course some Sprout.2010.12.25 Christmas_2

The meal was one of the best ones thus far.  We had prime rib which was much easier to prepare than a large turkey.  After dinner we opened presents, but not before Sandy told the Christmas story to the kids.

2010.12.25 Christmas_3

2010.12.25 Christmas_4

I think the indestructible crèche was my favorite part.  Seemed as though Ethan and Bennett really liked it.

2010.12.25 Christmas_5 

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 24, 2010

2010 Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we hosted family at our house.  After lunch everyone headed out to church.  When we returned Brett and I let the kids open up some presents.  It was fun to watch the kids tear them open.  I can see how Christmas gets more exciting as the kids get older.  Chaotic too!

2010.12.24 Collage of girls

2010.12.24 Collage of kids

2010.12.24 Collage of MJnB

2010.12.24 Collage of presents

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Clothes Optional

The night went something like this….

Jocelyn had a huge blow out that required the services of a bath and wash down.  I ran a bath, cleaned her up, and went to the girls room to get her dressed.  During the bath Ethan had been “hanging” around.  As I was in the girls room I heard the drain going.  I know that Ethan could reach some of the bath toys but that it was almost impossible for him to reach the drain from outside of the bath tub.  Yup, there was only one explanation.  Ethan made the executive decision to have a bath, but he forgot to take off his clothes first.  Bennett found his way upstairs to join the party and I didn’t care to stop him with his clothes on either.  I was already going to have to do a load of laundry!DSC_2732_E





Dancing with JC

We don’t get to see our friend Jenny nearly as much since she started school.  Last week we got to have a visit from her.  The boys had a dance session with her.  Good times!

Dancing with JC

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Finally Came

Yup, it is official in the Lamon/Scott household.  Christmas is here.  We just put up our Christmas tree today!  4 days to spare, might I add.  Brett pulled out the small, rotating, fiber optic Christmas tree that we bought our first Christmas together in our  Burnsville townhouse.  It gets the job done!  This year we have a busy schedule.  Christmas Eve and Christmas day at our house!  The part I am most looking forward to is my little sister, Izzy, that is coming home from CA. 


Christmas morning is when Brett and I and the kiddos will celebrate together and open gifts.  It is exciting that this year they will actually know how to open a gift.  Even though they will still prefer to play with the box it is worth it!

What are the chances that I come home from work tomorrow and none of these presents will have been messed with?

Basement Construction Second Update

We had another friend come and take care of babies while we worked on the basement.  Thanks Lisa!  Here is the updated picture of what the kitchenette looks like.  Not a huge change, but wait till you see the next one!  I am watching Brett work hard on the staircase right now and it is only 11:30pm.



Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nana and Papa

After thanksgiving we had a get together with Nana and Papa.  Here are the pictures we were able to capture.  Thanks goodness for paparazzi mode.



Thanksgiving 2010

So I don’t have that many pictures from Thanksgiving and I am not going to write about the multitude of deserts, happy chicken, or stuffing that took 5 hours to prepare.  This year was the year of the stomach flu!  The Lamon Scott family went to Lanesboro to celebrate Thanksgiving with the Lamons.  The week started pretty rough for us.  The kids were sick with the stomach flu (AGAIN!) starting on the Sunday before Thanksgiving.  Brett even got it too.  Mom was up to help care for the kids that week.  By Wednesday everyone was doing much better.  Mom, the kids, and I went home on Wednesday.  By Thursday, Mom and I weren’t feeling the best.  Thursday night Samuel was throwing up in the basement, Simi was at Baker’s house throwing up, and Dade didn’t feel well either.  For some random reason Ethan and Bennett would not go to bed.  Brett and I had a plan to leave Lanesboro at 4am for Black Friday shopping with Colleen and Mandy.  Colleen arrived at my parent’s house at 4am to discover that Brett still hadn’t made it to bed and Dade was sick.  She took Dade home, Ethan and Bennett finally went down and Brett got to go to bed, but not before he made some Black Friday purchases on line.  The next morning (after I went to the bathroom with Samuel sleeping on the bathroom floor) I discovered that Dad didn’t feel real good.  He had plans to go to the metrodome to watch the Lanesboro Burros football team in the playoffs.  He was driving two of his friends so he felt like he had to go.  Kelly sent her husband, Paul, with him just in case Dad got too sick and couldn’t drive.  They reported in from the game and Paul had proceeded to get sick too.  Colleen called the house and said the flu had found her as well.  So Dad and Paul made it through the game with a few visits to the bathroom, dad drove home because Paul was more sick and they had to stop off a few times, and Mom met them in the driveway when they pulled up so that she could drive their friends home.  They were sick enough that they decided to come directly home.  That night we also got word that Grandma Cookie got sick.

So here is the breakdown of the stomach flu epidemic in order of occurrence: Bennett, Aaliyah, Ethan, Jocelyn, Brett, Grandma Cheryl, MJ, Samuel, Dade, Simi, Grandpa Rick, Paul, Colleen, Grandma Cookie.  Those that beat the odds and dodged this bullet: Kelly, Faith, and Emilee.

Most people only bring home gifts for Christmas.  The Lamon Scott clan was feeling gracious this year. 

The cousins had a good time together.  Aunt Colleen even got them working on coloring.  She allowed Ethan and Bennett to participate too.  Faith and I made name placement tags.


Like always Dade was loving the babies.


I have a couple of videos to share and that is it.  There was a lot of people in my parents house and it was quite eventful!

Enter video caption here

Just to give you an idea of our family holiday!  Lots of action.  This was from the first night when everyone was healthy.

Enter video caption here


How sweet is this?


Basement Construction Update

The basement came to a halt when the girls were born this summer.  We did a few small things, but the floor was in and it was in a place that was functional.  R and R construction recently came up to start on the stairs.  A little progress was made.  Brett and I have slowly been working on the kitchenette.  Our nights basically went like this: dinner, to the basement to work, break at 7:30 to do bedtime, back to the basement to work till midnight.  We have broke some ground.  I asked some friends for some child assistance so we could work in the basement without taking breaks to retrieve more milk and wipe a butt.  Last night Megan came over and we made progress.  Tonight we have another friend coming to see if we can get the counter tops on.  Thank goodness for friends. 


Dad is coming up this weekend and we are going to work on the stairs again.  The hope is to have the kitchenette done by New Year’s.  I think we have a chance.

Aaliyah and Jocelyn–6 Months Old

DSC_3129Check up was this week for Aaliyah and Jocelyn.  It was 6 months so they got 3 shots and a flu shot.  Bummer!  Brett actually took the girls to this one solo.  Amazing, right!?1  The girls are doing just fine.  They are working on eating cereal, but not really interested.  It take us about 5 times shoveling it back into their mouth before they actually swallow it.  Brett holds the spoon in their mouth so that can’t spit it back at him.  Their only choice is to choke on it or swallow the cereal.


The pictures are from today.  The girls are able to sit up for about a week.  Aaliyah is a little more stable than Jocelyn.  We are working hard on it today because they have their 6 month pictures this weekend.  Here are the stats:





Aaliyah Lamon Scott

Weight: 17 lbs 12 oz – 85%

Length: 26.75 inches – 85%

Head: 17 inches – 75%










Jocelyn Lamon Scott

Weight: 15 lbs 10 0z – 50%

Length: 26 inches – 60%

Head: 16.75 inches – 50%

Less than Pair-Fect

How do you know that your kids found the toilet paper roll yet again?


When your money saving husband clumps it up in a ball behind the toilet paper holder for your guests to use. 

(yes, that is our garbage can and plunger on the toilet.  the boys get into everything!  leave the toilet bowl lid down at our house otherwise they will splash in it.  they way you can tell is when you go to use the bathroom and the the toilet seat and floor is covered in water, not pee.)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Aaliyah Graduated from Physical Therapy

Last week Aaliyah had her last physical therapy session with Elaine.  She no longer has torticollis.  The plagiocephaly that was caused by the torticollis has gone down significantly.  Since she has gotten older and stronger she spends more time on her stomach, sitting, and playing in the exersaucer.  This has allowed her to get pressure off her head.  Elaine, Aaliyah’s physical therapist, noticed that her head had rounded out a lot from the first time they met.  Aaliyah’s ears are just a tad different, but we were told that as she “thins” out her face will take shape.  Let the crawling begin… 

DSC_2869_A Train

Way to go Aaliyah!

Ethan went to the petting zoo…

The animals were tame this day.  So tame that he was able to get close enough to take a picture with them.