Monday, December 14, 2009

Faith says about having two more cousins...

Faith said, "What?! They're going to have four babies at their house? That's going to be crazy! Mom, we have just three kids and it's even crazy here."

It is true! I have been to their house!

This weekend I got to see Samuel, Faith, and Emilee in their church Christmas program. It was very cute. It reminded me of doing the Christmas program at United Methodist Church in Lanesboro. We had to memorize our lines which consisted of a sentence. When you got older you got more sentences.

Highlights of yesterdays visit...

-Samuel telling me that the new twins were going to be identical but that Ethan and Bennett are not.

-Emilee being a perfect Angel in the Christmas program. She said her lines, just didn't make it to the microphone.

-Samuel being very careful as he walked down the isle with a flame torch to light the advent candles. My sister must of not had a hand in choosing the child for this task or I am sure he would have not been selected. The funnier part was at the end of the service he had to go put out the candles and started walking back through the isle with his flame torch lit. The isle was jam packed with people. I had visions of hairspray fire balls in my head. Luckily his aunt intercepted him and got him to blow the fire out.

-Bennett spitting up on Grandpa, twice!

-Being at the end of the pew so that we got the majority of the Hershey's hugs and kisses they handed out.

-Leaving mom in a car with two screaming babies while I picked out a gallon of paint. Kelly was smart and came inside with me.

-Kelly trying to find Emilee a suitable outfit that Grandma Cheryl could give her for Christmas. She won't even wear brown. Apparently she is not up on fashion because brown is the new black.

We had a nice little Sunday.

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