Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas in Lanesboro

Ethan and Bennett had some Christmas time in Lanesboro. The entire family was able to get together. We gathered around the Christmas tree, I mean the Christmas Lamp and had family time! The kids ripped open their presents. It took Ethan and Bennett a lot longer to get those open than their cousins. So when I got there and saw all the presents under the Christmas Lamp I thought holy crap, that is a lot of gifts. But after seeing the kids open them it was totally worth it. I got pictures of all the cousins in sequence from start to end of opening.

First one is Simeon. He had the least expression. I say it is because we got him the toy that he already had. Not nearly as exciting opening it up a second time around. He is still cute though.

And then there was Samuel! I took a guess on this one. His crazy smile explains it all. Trust me, that is a happy smile. The wrinkles in his forehead happen with many different emotions.
The cutie pie of the group! She was crying when she saw her sister open her gift, but much happier once she opened this one. I love when kids display their gifts right in front of their face.
The big man on the street! Dade is he oldest of the cousins. He is very helpful with Ethan and Bennett.

And the highlight of the day! The gift that had parents running into stores and elbowing each other to get the toy first. It was the gift that sold on Ebay for 15 times the amount that it was worth. By a chance of luck, I called on the day that a new shipment had arrived. I ventured out into the snowfall to Toys R Us. I wasn't the only one, but I made it in time. I got the Zhu Zhu Pets. It was Faith's lucky day. After seeing this pictures it was also my lucky day!

It was a good Christmas. I do have pictures of the boys and a picture of the Christmas Lamp, but I wanted to get these up first.

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