Thursday, November 19, 2009

Scott Family Pictures (minus Izzy)

This is one big family. Can I just say these family pictures were interesting. Getting four kids to look is tricky. We almost got everyone looking in this picture. We took pictures of all four of the cousins and the grandparents. Sandy made the comment, that it would of been more fun to see a picture of the four parents and the photographer making noises, yelling, clapping, and jumping up and down in attempt to get the kids to look. Bruce said, that he didn't have any problems looking and smiling because we were so entertaining. My body was sore after this day so I did work and found myself with tummy to floor to work with the kids. So the down side of these pictures is that we are missing Izzy. She couldn't make the trip from CA for a picture shoot, but to us ever picture has a hole. If you go to Annie's blog you can see a few more she posted:

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