Sunday, November 29, 2009

Skol Vikings!

Another Sunday, another day of purple and gold. Ethan and Bennett are showing off their Vikings gear. You should be able to tell between the two with their signature smiles.

Almost holding their bottle

This is one mile stone that I can't wait for! They are so close to holding their own bottles. This is Bennett mostly chewing on the nipple, but the other day Ethan drank 3 ounces on his own. When they are really hungry they are willing to hold the bottle but than their hands fall down. Before giving them the bottle we now put it in front of them and wait for them to grab it and guide it to their mouth. Hopefully they will get the idea soon.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Almost Crawling

Here is Bennett almost crawling. He is getting up on all fours and rocking. He can now pounce forward. Ethan is a little behind, but Brett's aunt says that Ethan will walk first. I know that everyone says to enjoy this time because they are sitting up, playing, and can't get around enough to get in trouble. I get it, but I feel like there is no getting around it so instead of dreading it I am going to embrace it and....CHILD PROOF my house.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Beach Ball


Bennett's smiles are a little different than Ethan's. Less wide open mouth. Bennett is our engineer. He wants to figure things out. You can leave him on the floor to play alone for a while without any crying. He doesn't even like to sit anymore because he wants to be able to roll around and get to different toys. Bennett is always reaching for the camera. Serious face. Don't worry, he is not crying. He is sneezing.


When I was home last Thursday the boys were in a good mood. I was able to get some good ones so I have dedicate a post to each of them. They were very smiley. Each expression is different and it makes me laugh. I am smiling as I am writing this post because Ethan cracks me up. People always ask about personality differences. Really, we didn't notice anything different and almost when we thought one was always a certain way it would flip flop on us. So the things that I do notice now is that Ethan is a little bit more whiny. He likes attention, but if you give it to him you will get a great big toothless smile. His smiles are so big that I have to imagine that his cheeks hurt. They are like uncontrollable smiles. He can't keep in his happiness no matter how hard he tries. Don't forget the dimple. Enjoy Ethan....

Lane Loudy

Our friends have a new son Lane Ian that was born in August. I have seen Lane twice before this but both times I have been sick or my boys were ill. He is now 3 months took us a long time to find time that everyone was well. We finally were able to get together. E and B finally got to meet their buddy Lane.

Go Vikes!

Sundays are an easy day to know what the boys are going to wear. Purple and Gold is standard in this house on game day. I took more pictures today of them in vikes gear so I'll post later!


Owen of course would be in the middle. Owen is my friend Elizabeth's son. He is 6 weeks older than E and B. He lives in Rochester so we don't get to see him too often. Notice his arms and leg length compared to E and B's. I think that all three of these guys are weighing in at about same weight. My boys rock the rolls!

Gretch and Boy

Another night out. I think this night we went to dinner and then we went tile shopping! Gretchen is a friend I met through Children's Hospital. She somehow got her boyfriend to come over and help babysit. Thanks guys!
I love it. This is why we leave our camera out when peope babysit. We enjoy seeing them document their night.

We love babysitters!

Tori and Jodi watched the boys so that we could have a romantic night out. We did make it to dinner, but the rest of the night was dedicated to camera and van shopping. Shopping is that thing that I use to take for granted and now is incredibly difficult to do with two babies and one big kid. Thanks Tori and Jodi!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Scott Family Pictures (minus Izzy)

This is one big family. Can I just say these family pictures were interesting. Getting four kids to look is tricky. We almost got everyone looking in this picture. We took pictures of all four of the cousins and the grandparents. Sandy made the comment, that it would of been more fun to see a picture of the four parents and the photographer making noises, yelling, clapping, and jumping up and down in attempt to get the kids to look. Bruce said, that he didn't have any problems looking and smiling because we were so entertaining. My body was sore after this day so I did work and found myself with tummy to floor to work with the kids. So the down side of these pictures is that we are missing Izzy. She couldn't make the trip from CA for a picture shoot, but to us ever picture has a hole. If you go to Annie's blog you can see a few more she posted:

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mommy's Little Stinker

Can you get your foot in your mouth? It would really cut down the need for a toe nail clipper. This picture was compliment of Jenny Cook's day babysitting. The loves to put their pants on their head. Because who can really look this cute wearing clothes on the wrong part of your body?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Baby Food

I learned how to make baby food. With help of the magic bullet and a new steamer it went pretty well. This is way cheaper then buying the pre made in the jars. I think I got about 10 jars from four sweet potatoes. Those sweet potatoes only cost me $2. Sweet deal! I also got some apple donations for the applesauce. Thanks JC and Lisa.

For fun

I think these were taken right before we had flu shots. They are happy now, but little do they know! Etan can barely control himself.

Bennett wants the camera like always.
These hats are cute. We get lots of compliments on them!

Lean on Me

Last weekend the boys watched the Viking Packers game with Daddy. Guess they weren't all that entertained. It was a Sunday that I had to work while Brett stayed home with them, so that would be why it is 4pm in the afternoon and they are still in their pajamas.