Thursday, October 15, 2009

Scott Family Trip

Before we went to WI Dells, Bruce, Sandy, Brett, me, and the boys went to beautiful LeRoy, MN and Lanesboro, MN for a mini trip. We stayed at the newly remodeled Sweet's Hotel. Check out their website: I didn't get to go, but Sandy said the bike trail was amazing. I think since LeRoy does not have a lot of traffic or tourists yet, the bike trails are empty. It is just you and the pavement. We only stayed there one night. Brett and I mingled with the locals at Sweet's Bar and learned how to play a dice game. Brett one $26. Since he won, I felt like a winner myself. It was a good time and who doesn't appreciate a bar that you can get drinks for $2.50. Below is my nephew Simi and Bennett. E and B got to see their cousins before we took off!In the Dells we stayed at Christmas Mountain. We had condos that were awesome! It allowed us to make our own meals and have space to hang out. One day T/Brian family and us went to the water park. It was E and B's first time in water. Brett dunked them. They looked a little ticked off when they came back up.

Here is Genesis!

Genesis is so helpful! Always around Ethan and Bennett.

A natural for sure.

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