Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Mexico were the Eva and Dale Roam

We went to New Mexico a few weeks ago and yes we did take the boys. It was a first for a lot of things for them. Below are the highlights of the 4 days.
We made pizza!Ethan and Bennett met their first dog.
We fed babies...a lot.
Dale took us on an adventure to the petroglyphs. We climbed a large cliff (with babies). Notice the infant car seat.
We made it to the top!

We saw weird pictures on huge rocks.
We drank Tequila. Eva worked this day so we wanted proof of what we had accomplished. Just kidding, at least one of those bottles was already empty.Cooper made an excellent babysitter.
We got up really early to go to the Balloon Fiesta. It was one frustrating drive to the park. I think it took us about 2 hours to go the distance of what usually take 20 minutes. This picture was from the truck. Everyone was hanging out of their vehicles taking pictures. People were walking along the interstate. Not the safest.We made it!The boys.
Coen attacking Ethan.The girls.

This was by far the highlight of the trip. I didn't realize that I would love it so much. We for sure plan to go back. So this was the end of our trip and we came back with an icky virus. Dang plane rides.

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Jenny said...

Now we will have to go to the Hot Air Affair in Hudson in February (the 5th-7th)! Fingers crossed it won't be too cold!