Monday, October 26, 2009

Naked Babies

Annie has done it again. Here are the boys showing off their rolls. Ethan was a smiley man, but boy did Bennett make us work for the few smirks we got. They can sit up by themselves! Thank goodness. I hope that someday they don't hate me for these. There are a few more on Annie's blog: Bennett
2 heads are better than 1
I got your nose.
Ethan and Bennett have been getting wounds from each other. Just a few scratches and eye pokes here and there. So far no permanent damage.


Sarah said...

They won't have you! These are so cute. Love the rolls :)

Sarah said...

ooops...I meant to say "They won't HATE" you ...ha!

CJ said...

Oh, my Gosh! They look alike! They are beautiful! They can already sit up!!!! They are missing their aunt Colleen, I'm sure.

Annie said...

I wanna squish their chubby little rolls!! Glad you are feeding them well mama! :)