Thursday, October 8, 2009

House of Germs

I have a lot to report on, but finding less time to blog. My excuse is that we have become a house of germs. All four of us developed a flu like/horrible cold virus this past week. With all the H1N1 going around clinics are encouraging people to not come in unless they are VERY sick. To say the least, we were actually told several times not to go in. We have had a few vacations in the meantime but we got home on Sunday from New Mexico. I will report more on the fun things we have been doing but this is what has been going on in the Scott/Lamon household this week...

Sunday on the plane

Bennett coughing

Moday 6 Month Check up


17 and 3/4 lbs

26.25 inches


17 and 3/4 lbs

26.75 inches

Ethan is in the 50% across the board. Bennett would be if it wasn't for his small head. They also received their 6 month shots. We were just so excited to find out that the seasonal influenza shot is a two part shot on top of the two part shot for the H1N1. Bennett was still coughing and got a fever which we are pretty sure happened because of his shots. They didn't react at their 1 month or 3 month immunizations so we were a little surprised.


I was not feeling well at all. Brett started his cough. Bennett's temp had come down. Ethan was pretty ok. Tuesday night Bennett would not calm down. He sharply screamed until finally we were convinced to take him to Urgent Care. He had an ear infection.


Bennett seemed a little better but really wanted to be held. He was needy. Ethan was ok. I don't really know because I am lucky to have a kick butt mother in law who came over in her red cape to save the day. I was upstairs moaning from body aches as Brett and Sandy tried to keep the little ones content. From what I understand it was not an easy job last night.


Well a little back up...the boys coughed all night. They were miserable. Ethan woke up with a temperature and then he vomited on the nursery floor. Luckily I had quick reflexes so it didn't hit me even though I was still in the same outfit that I put on Tuesday night so it really wouldn't of mattered. Bennett was ok, but coughing like crazy. We took Ethan to the clinic and we had another ear infection in the house.

So we are at a breaking point. We are not quite around the corner but at least getting closer. Coughs echo throughout the house, antibiotics are administered, every four hours we are taking tylenol to fend off the fevers, naps are being taken (at least by E and B), and we are changing a lot more diapers because apparently antibiotics create funky business with the boys bowels.

This is my life...I know you are jealous.


Jenny said...

After reading this, I feel a tiny bit less guilty about the text I just sent you. I miss you guys. We all better get healthy - and soon!

Pam Loudy said...

I am so sad to hear this. HOW SUCKY! Sorry guys! I will pray for you to get better.

Anonymous said...

The sickness is making the rounds here too! Hang in there mama!


Kathy said...

Sorry to hear you guys have been hit with sickness! I don't like it when one kid gets sick I cna't imagine two! Hope it all goes away soon.