Monday, October 26, 2009

Naked Babies

Annie has done it again. Here are the boys showing off their rolls. Ethan was a smiley man, but boy did Bennett make us work for the few smirks we got. They can sit up by themselves! Thank goodness. I hope that someday they don't hate me for these. There are a few more on Annie's blog: Bennett
2 heads are better than 1
I got your nose.
Ethan and Bennett have been getting wounds from each other. Just a few scratches and eye pokes here and there. So far no permanent damage.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Blue Sweaters

Bennett and Ethan love to read. Thanks for the book JC. These boys are moving around like crazy. They can scoot. You put them down on one side of the room and when you back to check on them they have made it to the other side. It has been fun seeing how they have grown and changed in the recent weeks. This day they wore their blue sweaters that one of my volunteers made them. There were so many pictures I could barely pick. Sorry for many repeats.

Here is E-man.

Really excited E-man Bennett

So when I took these pictures they couldn't quite sit on their own. They are using the couch. Not they can do it. I'll prove it with newer pics.

Endless Knitting Needles

We did finally get through all of my Aunt Jane's belongings. One of the things that I asked for was a set up knitting needles. I knew that Jane probably had multiple sets but I wasn't prepared for this. I ended up back in the cities with two large bins of needles. She even had the old school metal ones. I didn't know what to do with all of them so this was the best idea. I made a knitting needle arrangment. I pulled out the coolest ones, including the set that had chicken heads, and arranged them in a pitcher that is also Jane's. It is displayed in my living room. I actually really like it.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Slurping noises

So Ethan has figured out how to make noises with his lips. We were so lucky that he figured it out before he had his first ear infection which required medicine. He knew how to spit amoxacilyn back at us.

I can't resist

I love these bouncy pictures. The older Ethan gets the better he gets at it and really gets going!

This is the best video so far!

New Mexico were the Eva and Dale Roam

We went to New Mexico a few weeks ago and yes we did take the boys. It was a first for a lot of things for them. Below are the highlights of the 4 days.
We made pizza!Ethan and Bennett met their first dog.
We fed babies...a lot.
Dale took us on an adventure to the petroglyphs. We climbed a large cliff (with babies). Notice the infant car seat.
We made it to the top!

We saw weird pictures on huge rocks.
We drank Tequila. Eva worked this day so we wanted proof of what we had accomplished. Just kidding, at least one of those bottles was already empty.Cooper made an excellent babysitter.
We got up really early to go to the Balloon Fiesta. It was one frustrating drive to the park. I think it took us about 2 hours to go the distance of what usually take 20 minutes. This picture was from the truck. Everyone was hanging out of their vehicles taking pictures. People were walking along the interstate. Not the safest.We made it!The boys.
Coen attacking Ethan.The girls.

This was by far the highlight of the trip. I didn't realize that I would love it so much. We for sure plan to go back. So this was the end of our trip and we came back with an icky virus. Dang plane rides.

Scott Family Trip

Before we went to WI Dells, Bruce, Sandy, Brett, me, and the boys went to beautiful LeRoy, MN and Lanesboro, MN for a mini trip. We stayed at the newly remodeled Sweet's Hotel. Check out their website: I didn't get to go, but Sandy said the bike trail was amazing. I think since LeRoy does not have a lot of traffic or tourists yet, the bike trails are empty. It is just you and the pavement. We only stayed there one night. Brett and I mingled with the locals at Sweet's Bar and learned how to play a dice game. Brett one $26. Since he won, I felt like a winner myself. It was a good time and who doesn't appreciate a bar that you can get drinks for $2.50. Below is my nephew Simi and Bennett. E and B got to see their cousins before we took off!In the Dells we stayed at Christmas Mountain. We had condos that were awesome! It allowed us to make our own meals and have space to hang out. One day T/Brian family and us went to the water park. It was E and B's first time in water. Brett dunked them. They looked a little ticked off when they came back up.

Here is Genesis!

Genesis is so helpful! Always around Ethan and Bennett.

A natural for sure.

Another bouncy video

This one is upright. Thought I would share it!

Holding Hands

They guys have for sure figured each other out. They like to lay next to each other and grab. Mostly they get each other's ears and hands.

Puppy Butt

These are pretty old pictures, but Tina gave us these onesies and they are cute. They have a puppy dog right on the butt. Bennett is displaying his for you!

Got toes!
My friend Jenny Cook came over this day for a visit. We had a good day!

And then there was Bennett

Bennett wasn't a big fan of the Johnny Jump Up, but he does like his exersaucer. We noticed that Bennett likes to extend his legs, but wasn't into the jumping thing. See he loves it!

Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy!

Wondering why Ethan has massive thighs? It is because of his workout in his johnny jump up! He bounces like crazy to build his leg muscles.
Here is a video of Ethan doing his thing. He loves this Johnny jump up. I highly recommend this baby device. Buy the Graco one. It is more expensive, but it has a nice tray and plastic that goes around it which kind of plays as a protective barrier when Ethan bangs into the wall. We tried the evenflo one and immediately returned it. Sorry for the video on its side. I don't know how to change the direction.

New Buddy!

Eva and Dale came to MN for a wedding in September. It was the first time that we all got to meet their son Coen. The boys got to hang out together and also clean out each other's ears. See below...
Ethan on the left, Bennett on the right, and of course Coen in he middle. He is two weeks older than E and B. When he was home in MN he was sitting up all by himself. He loved to get his hands on Ethan and Bennett.
Ethan and Bennett wore their vikings onesies the first time. They have been wearing the viking get ups every Sunday since we got them. Thanks Mike and Kristie!
They were here and then a week later we had plans to head out to New Mexico to visit them. That blog is to follow!