Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First MN State Fair

We made it to the state fair this year with the boys. It was a challenge and the fair was super busy. Or maybe it just felt super busy because we were trying to navigate through swarms of people with a bus for a stroller. It is weird how people have that sense when they are walking next to people, but don't realize that a stroller is next to them. I am surprised that we didn't have to take the stroller in for repair after this excursion. The picture below is them laying in the one spot of grass that we could find by the go cart ride. We sat next to the bloomin' onion girls which was lucky for Brett since he decided not to get one since the line was too long. The girls went in and snagged him one without a wait! It was awesome. I think they felt sorry for us because we were struggling with two babies and one of them had a blow out diaper just after we got to the grass. They saw us in the worst of our moments. It was everywhere! I am surprised they didn't excuse themselves to vomit. Bennett in his new outfit because the other one had new brown stains.
Ethan loving the go cart races!

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Kathy said...

Glad we aren't the only ones who have a kid have a major blow out diaper at the State fair! Grace had one last year and it was a doozy, it must be something about the fair.