Tuesday, September 22, 2009

E and B thought they were funny

This one cracks me up. We had the cousins over this week and they had Ethan rollin' with giggles. I was actually upstairs getting ready to go to a party and I could just hear Ethan laughing and laughing. I thought maybe Brett was downstairs doing something. When I got to the stairs I could see Emily and Faith doing this. It is the little things that make life grand.


Three generations. Ethan and Bennett with both of their Grandma's and Great Grandma Souhrada!Four GenerationsGrandma Cookie can handle two!

Bessie's Farm

On labor day weekend we went home to the farm to clean out the barn of Bessie's Farm. Bessie's Farm was my Aunt Jane's property down near the IA border. There was lots of stuff to sort through. We had great progress.CJ taking a rest!
What we will do to get our kids to take a nap. Unfortunately it did not work!
Kelly working through the boxes.
This is what my boys thought about cleaning out the barn.

Self Protrait with Daddy

Daddy day is Fridays! Here they are hanging out!

Nanny cam is overrated!

Our babysitters love to document their night just to prove how much Ethan and Bennett love them! This is true given the picture of Jodi and her daughter Tori. They were so kind to let Brett and I head out to the rolling greens of Lost Spur on one beautiful afternoon. I really think the E and B had a better time with them than they would of had with us! Thanks Jodi and Tori!

Boat day in the suburbs

Yes we are in fact in long pants in sweat shirts when it was supposed to be boat day in the suburbs. Of course the one of the coldest days in the summer is the one when we have two opportunities to go out on boats. It was chilly and there was no chance of getting in the water. The cool part is that the boys got to wear their hand made with love sweaters. We got them from one of my awesome volunteers that knitted them. I think they really like them! Ethan and Bennett had a chance to have another pontoon ride. It was cold, but worth it. On this day we had a chance to make it out to Brett's cousin's house for his b-day. Always nice to see family! These guys are too cute. We are loving life!!

First MN State Fair

We made it to the state fair this year with the boys. It was a challenge and the fair was super busy. Or maybe it just felt super busy because we were trying to navigate through swarms of people with a bus for a stroller. It is weird how people have that sense when they are walking next to people, but don't realize that a stroller is next to them. I am surprised that we didn't have to take the stroller in for repair after this excursion. The picture below is them laying in the one spot of grass that we could find by the go cart ride. We sat next to the bloomin' onion girls which was lucky for Brett since he decided not to get one since the line was too long. The girls went in and snagged him one without a wait! It was awesome. I think they felt sorry for us because we were struggling with two babies and one of them had a blow out diaper just after we got to the grass. They saw us in the worst of our moments. It was everywhere! I am surprised they didn't excuse themselves to vomit. Bennett in his new outfit because the other one had new brown stains.
Ethan loving the go cart races!

more old pics

These are a bit old too. There is a lot more playing going on. Toys and about everything else goes almost directly to their mouth. Ethan is in the green, Bennett in blue!
Bennett is all smiles!
Found his toes!
Happy Ethan too!
When I look at these pictures it makes me smile! Are you smiling??

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Old Pics

Sorry for the lack of pictures. I know some of you have just been dying to get the update on the chuncks. All is well here. I think that we have just started our first cold. Their noses are dripping like crazy, they sneeze a lot, and they are a little more fussy. Thank goodness for nasal aspirators. These pictures below are actually about 2 weeks old. I have more from today that I can put up.
This is Bennett happy!Bennett not so happy!EthanEthan working his back muscles. I am hoping that in another couple of weeks they will be able to sit up by themselves. Their stomach muscles have gotten stronger. We will often times catch them pulling their bodies up when they are in the swings or laying in the boppy. Many times they even pull their heads forward in their car seats which leaves them falling asleep with their head hanging down. Talk about a sore neck!I think they are figuring each other out. I know it is going to be a love hate relationship. I just hope there is more love than hate! I hear crying upstairs. I'll do my best to get more up but we are leaving tomorrow for the Scott family vacation and I got lots to get done.