Sunday, August 2, 2009

T and Adam

Tara and Adam got married last Friday!! We are so happy for the couple. Adam was gone for over a year in Iraq. We survived the ups and downs of the long distance relationship. It has been great having Adam back and getting to know him. Tara is originally from Byron and Adam is from Rochester so their wedding was in the Dodge Center/Rochester area. We are no strangers to Rochester considering it was the closest place to a mall from Lanesboro. We made the trip and had the best host and hostess. Thanks to Mike's parents, Chuck and Sue, for their kindness. I think I heard, "Our house, our rules!" many times. E and B's honorary Grandma Sue took care of the boys. We didn't take them to the party...and why would we when we have a pro like this to watch them!Before the festivities!Glad we got a good picture of all of us. We took over 200 pictures, but trust me only a few turned out. Our point and shoot can't handle in action dance pictures.Except we did manage to get this action dance photo! Sorry Mike, it was too funny!
Note to self, take a nice picture together before you discover the ribbons on the party favors. The piggy's are cute.
Bret and Pam showing off...again! I would say that 80% of the pictures were of these two getting their groove on.
The girls. Yes, this was the best picture that we got even though Pam is dancing.
Dinner! Can we get some sauce on these penne noodles?
The lovely couple!

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