Friday, August 28, 2009


These guys love to play. It is so nice being home with them and we all sit on the floor and play. Mommy days have changed. Before they use to sleep and eat most of their day away, but now they are awake and wide eyed looking for something to do. We can spend 45 minutes playing together. It will be fun when they discover each other and start playing. I am thinking that it will happen with in the next month. The first picture is Bennett with this stupid toy that he loves. I got it at Wal Mart for $4. I liked it because it had a mirror and you could prop it up while they did tummy time. Now they bit it, move the legs back and forth, get their arms stuck in it, etc. Ethan loves this rattle. When he first use to play ith it he would bang it against his head over and over. If he has brain damage we will know why. p.s. notice Bennett in the background. My favorite position!

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LadyP said...

B is doing 'happy baby pose' in yoga!