Friday, August 28, 2009


These pictures are from yesterday. I have had so much going on and am really behind on my blogging. I think technically they are 23 weeks? Brett goes by months and I go by weeks, but I am now starting to lose track. So basically these guys are 5 months on September 1st! They are getting so fun. Not that they weren't fun before, but now they are more interactive and can play. (More to come on playing) Brett did his precise procedure for weighing them and they came in over 16 pounds with clothes on of course. They like to sit and stand up. They enjoy being in positions where they can look around. We don't let them watch tv at all, so they try cranking their neck around so that they can see it. We catch them doing it all the time. I try to just keep the tv off so it isn't even an issue. They enjoy tummy time for longer durations. I love how they smile and giggle. A lot of this has started to happen within the past month. Holding hands. I am pretty sure they have figured out that there is another one of them. I don't have anything to concrete or a picture to prove it but when I get something I'll post it. They will grab at each other but they will grab at pretty much anything.

These guys are pretty amazing. They still sleep excellent at night (10+ hours), pretty mild during the day and they are happy. Cat naps is all I get for the day, but it works. They don't fight going down in their crib. I think some of that is the Baby Wise that we did.

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