Friday, August 28, 2009


Ethan and Bennett really love their taggie blankets. They were a gift from Uncle Gary. They grab at the ribbons and it is perfect size to throw into their car seats when we go on rides. Thanks Uncle Gary!


These guys love to play. It is so nice being home with them and we all sit on the floor and play. Mommy days have changed. Before they use to sleep and eat most of their day away, but now they are awake and wide eyed looking for something to do. We can spend 45 minutes playing together. It will be fun when they discover each other and start playing. I am thinking that it will happen with in the next month. The first picture is Bennett with this stupid toy that he loves. I got it at Wal Mart for $4. I liked it because it had a mirror and you could prop it up while they did tummy time. Now they bit it, move the legs back and forth, get their arms stuck in it, etc. Ethan loves this rattle. When he first use to play ith it he would bang it against his head over and over. If he has brain damage we will know why. p.s. notice Bennett in the background. My favorite position!


People say, "Wow, those are healthy babies.", my dad asked me if I thought they were overeating, Brett calls them shadow bracelets, Kristie says they are going to be 30 pound one year olds, and I say they are delicious! Yes, we have got some chuncky ones. I took pictures of them sportin' their rolls and tummys. Hopefully they don't hate me one day for this.
BennettE manIs this normal? Try cleaning these out. My sister says it smells. I took her word for it.

Little Feet

They found their feet! This is one of the new things they have been doing and I absolutely love it. You put them down on the floor and immediately they throw their legs up in the air so that their hands can grab the toes while they stick their little butt out. It is very cute and entertaining for both them and me.


These pictures are from yesterday. I have had so much going on and am really behind on my blogging. I think technically they are 23 weeks? Brett goes by months and I go by weeks, but I am now starting to lose track. So basically these guys are 5 months on September 1st! They are getting so fun. Not that they weren't fun before, but now they are more interactive and can play. (More to come on playing) Brett did his precise procedure for weighing them and they came in over 16 pounds with clothes on of course. They like to sit and stand up. They enjoy being in positions where they can look around. We don't let them watch tv at all, so they try cranking their neck around so that they can see it. We catch them doing it all the time. I try to just keep the tv off so it isn't even an issue. They enjoy tummy time for longer durations. I love how they smile and giggle. A lot of this has started to happen within the past month. Holding hands. I am pretty sure they have figured out that there is another one of them. I don't have anything to concrete or a picture to prove it but when I get something I'll post it. They will grab at each other but they will grab at pretty much anything.

These guys are pretty amazing. They still sleep excellent at night (10+ hours), pretty mild during the day and they are happy. Cat naps is all I get for the day, but it works. They don't fight going down in their crib. I think some of that is the Baby Wise that we did.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

We miss her

I am back into life after the death of my Aunt Jane. We had a very nice burial with just the family. We sang a few songs for her and everyone helped put her to rest. All the great nieces and nephews grabbed handfuls of dirt to bury Jane's urn. She was buried next to my Grandpa and her brother Jerry. We all miss her dearly. She will not be forgotten.

This is our most recent family picture taken on the day of Jane's funeral. The dress that I am wearing was one that she made. I remember her wearing it. A few of us in the family found clothes to wear to her funeral in honor of her. She was a very talented lady!

Scott Mini Reunion

What a good lookin' group! We had a great time visiting with family at the mini reunion which was held at Brett's cousin's new home on long lake. This family is for sure growing. It is always so nice to see Jon and Pam's family from Chicago! Ethan and Bennett loved having their cousins take care of them. Ethan and Bennett had their first ride in the stroller WITH OUT their car seats. It was a memorable day! I am just so relieved because putting them in the stroller without the seats is way quicker and easier.
Brett's cousin Al, wife Heather, and new baby boy Christopher stayed with us. Christopher got the royal treatment and got to borrow Ethan and Bennett's old bassinet.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Aunt Jane

Some of you may have heard that my Aunt Jane Souhrada was killed in a tragic accident on her farm in SE MN. We have been in Lanesboro all this week with my family and making arrangements. We are all very sad from this incident. The funeral is tomorrow....for info visit:

Please keep us and especially my mom and grandma in your thoughts and prayers.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

18 Weeks

18 weeks last Wednesday. We did have their 4 month appointments the week before and we got all good news. They are growing big, no flat spots, Bennett has even creeped up into the 50 percentile. They do have smaller heads, but I am ok with that. The stats are as follows:
13 lb 15 oz
24 inches long
14 lb 14 oz
24.5 inches long
Mr. Ethan
Mr. Bennett

This weekend we have a mini Scott reunion so there will be pictures from that event. We are having Brett's cousin Al, wife Heather, and no baby boy Christopher stay with us. Can't wait to see them!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

T and Adam

Tara and Adam got married last Friday!! We are so happy for the couple. Adam was gone for over a year in Iraq. We survived the ups and downs of the long distance relationship. It has been great having Adam back and getting to know him. Tara is originally from Byron and Adam is from Rochester so their wedding was in the Dodge Center/Rochester area. We are no strangers to Rochester considering it was the closest place to a mall from Lanesboro. We made the trip and had the best host and hostess. Thanks to Mike's parents, Chuck and Sue, for their kindness. I think I heard, "Our house, our rules!" many times. E and B's honorary Grandma Sue took care of the boys. We didn't take them to the party...and why would we when we have a pro like this to watch them!Before the festivities!Glad we got a good picture of all of us. We took over 200 pictures, but trust me only a few turned out. Our point and shoot can't handle in action dance pictures.Except we did manage to get this action dance photo! Sorry Mike, it was too funny!
Note to self, take a nice picture together before you discover the ribbons on the party favors. The piggy's are cute.
Bret and Pam showing off...again! I would say that 80% of the pictures were of these two getting their groove on.
The girls. Yes, this was the best picture that we got even though Pam is dancing.
Dinner! Can we get some sauce on these penne noodles?
The lovely couple!

Houston Hoedown

Last weekend we went to Houston MN to watch my cousin Justin participate in the Tri-County Tractor Pull. I have not seen Justin pull since he was about 12 years old. This was Brett's first pull! Brett and I took Grandma with us. We did however leave Ethan and Bennett home with Grandpa Rick and Grandma Cheryl. If you have never been to a tractor pull, ear plugs are a good thing. SO it was pretty interesting wheeling our Grandma into this event. There were gobs of people, loud music, and lots of partying. It amazes me how Grandma looks through the cloud of cigarette smoke, past the Bud Light girls dressed in bikini tops and grass skirts, and she even made polite small talk with the slightly intoxicated gentleman that took a seat on the bench next to where she was sitting in her wheel chair. She did all of this so that she could see her grandson pull his tractor. These events are not very wheel chair friendly and the concert music was loud. The first thing Grandma did when we got inside the gate was take out her hearing aides. We bee lined for spots at the start of the pull where we got comfortable for the 2 hour wait for Justin's turn. We had decided to leave after the first pull , but then something was wrong with sled and so he got a second pull. Grandma wasn't budging. OK, so Justin was up and I asked Brett just to videotape Grandma. Grandma edged to the front of her wheel chair with excitement. Justin revved up the engine on his red International tractor. All the sudden Grandma got up from her chair and went to the fence for a closer look. Black smoke shot out of exhaust pipe. Justin took off and Grandma's arms starting moving. It was awesome! Justin did his second run (which he made it farther) and the same thing happened. He didn't place, but we were so proud of him! Now you can watch the video of Grandma and us at the Houston Hoedown.