Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Red Hippo Rattle

This week has been a big step in the discovery of hands. Well, Bennett and Ethan still haven't figured out they have them but they at least know how to hold stuff now. They have been holding their red hippo rattles. Who would of thought that the cheapo rattle that we bought from IKEA one random day before they were born would be their favorite toy right now. We use to also put the hippos in front of them to look at when they did tummy time. It was the only thing that really kept their attention for more than 5 seconds. If we can buy the rest of their toys for under $2 we can put more money into their college fund.....OR buy a bigger boat! Just a side note for those that knew about my wakeboard purchase that arrived 7 days before I found out I was pregnant....well, I got to test run it this weekend. Thanks Jane and Gary! I love it, but I need to build up my strength so I can do more than one run in a day. See Ethan and Bennett's bow hunting, I mean grabbing skills below.

Look at that grip!

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James Trachy said...

I believe they're using their hands...Bennett wouldn't let go of my finger the other day.