Sunday, August 2, 2009

Houston Hoedown

Last weekend we went to Houston MN to watch my cousin Justin participate in the Tri-County Tractor Pull. I have not seen Justin pull since he was about 12 years old. This was Brett's first pull! Brett and I took Grandma with us. We did however leave Ethan and Bennett home with Grandpa Rick and Grandma Cheryl. If you have never been to a tractor pull, ear plugs are a good thing. SO it was pretty interesting wheeling our Grandma into this event. There were gobs of people, loud music, and lots of partying. It amazes me how Grandma looks through the cloud of cigarette smoke, past the Bud Light girls dressed in bikini tops and grass skirts, and she even made polite small talk with the slightly intoxicated gentleman that took a seat on the bench next to where she was sitting in her wheel chair. She did all of this so that she could see her grandson pull his tractor. These events are not very wheel chair friendly and the concert music was loud. The first thing Grandma did when we got inside the gate was take out her hearing aides. We bee lined for spots at the start of the pull where we got comfortable for the 2 hour wait for Justin's turn. We had decided to leave after the first pull , but then something was wrong with sled and so he got a second pull. Grandma wasn't budging. OK, so Justin was up and I asked Brett just to videotape Grandma. Grandma edged to the front of her wheel chair with excitement. Justin revved up the engine on his red International tractor. All the sudden Grandma got up from her chair and went to the fence for a closer look. Black smoke shot out of exhaust pipe. Justin took off and Grandma's arms starting moving. It was awesome! Justin did his second run (which he made it farther) and the same thing happened. He didn't place, but we were so proud of him! Now you can watch the video of Grandma and us at the Houston Hoedown.

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Your Fav Cuz said...

Gotta love Gma C! Tears in my eyes...that's awesome!