Thursday, July 2, 2009

Friends Loving E & B

I know this is dangerous because I am sure that I have pictures of more of our friends with E and B. I am nervous because I am going to miss someone, but I wanted to get this posted. There are so many important people in our lives and some outstanding friends. I wanted to let you know how much we are grateful for our relationship.

So here is the disclaimer...I apologize if you knew that I took a picture of you and it isn't posted. I had to sift through thousands of pictures to even find these ones. The point is that E and B remember how many of our friends were around and excited for their arrival. They are pretty spoiled! I will update as I get more pictures of friends.

Kristin and Jim

Jim is a HS friend of Brett's. Kristin is his beautiful wife who is beaming. She is 32 weeks pregnant in this picture. We are excited to meet their little girl. Kristin works at Children's in St. Paul with me. This picture was taken on Father's Day. We were able to get together with a few friends for a night out. Lucky for dad's...their burger and beer was free!! You know how Brett loves a good deal.


Jenny Cook is a friend that I met when I first started working at Children's. She now currently works for the Breast Cancer 3 Day and was originally the person who got me involved with the 3 Day event. She visited me almost every week when I was on bed rest. She had some flexibility and "worked" from my house. I can't say how much work she really got done because most times when I looked at her computer facebook was on her screen. We enjoyed Days of our Lives and the food channel! Go Tablescapes!

Notice Victor Kiriakis in the background.

Ploudy and Bloudy

Pam and Brett are friends that we have met through volleyball. As you will notice we have met many of our friends from the old days of Open Gym at Eagan Community Center. Since then we have played in many leagues together. Bret and Pam are a blast. What would we do without Bret's silly competitions and Pam's fun and creative personality. Bret and Pam are one of the coolest couples you will ever meet. E and B are excited to play with Lane!


Ahh, RAW RAW. My long time friend from college. We were randomly paired up as room mates our freshman year and inseparable since. After Hamline University, RAW went to graduate school far away from me...Boo! But she missed me so much that she came back to MN and is a youth pastor at Normadale Highlands Church. She has an amazing talent for working with youth. RAW is getting married in August to a nice boy named Jon Warner. So she decided to take his name but I am relieved that her initials won't change so she can still remain my RAW RAW.

Teri and James

We originally met James through our good friends Mike and Kristie. Since then, we have had the chance to get to know Teri...his girlfriend, now fiance, and October his wife! The picture below was when Teri first met the boys. I'm sorry James, the picture that I took of you was on my cell phone.


Rob and Brett are childhood friends. Their parents moved into the same development when they were just little guys. Most of the stories I hear were about them pulling shenanigans and getting in trouble. It sounds like they had some great times. Rob is married to our friend Jess who just had a little girl Adria. I have pics of Adria and the boys so I will post those soon. Jess and Annie, I couldn't find a picture of you and the boys...we will take one the next time we are together. So Annie that means you give me your camera for one shot of you! Nick Torrini is the husband of our famous photographer Annie Torrini. Nick went to Eagan HS with Brett and Rob. The 6 of us use to have some pretty WILD times together!


After E and B were born we were lucky that Brian Grev was planning a trip to MN to see his family. Brian is a college of friend of Brett's who currently lives in Seattle. We miss him a ton and every time he comes for a visit I interview him on when he plans to move back to MN. I have a good feeling that it might be before E and B turn 18. We will take what we can get. Brian, come visit again. MN misses you!


OK, she is technically family, but I love her like a friend. This is my little sis Izzy Scott. This was her first time seeing the boys. She was in CA last school year studying which I think consisted of beach parties and boys. Really she is a great. Since I first met her, she has definitely changed from the preteen girl into an amazing and beautiful woman. Izzy, these boys are lucky to have you. I feel fortunate for how much time we have had to spend with you this summer and for your help when Brett has been on work travel!

T and Adam

Tara and I met through volleyball. She was playing for my friend Eva's team and I recruited her to play on a woman's team. T is originally from Byron and Adam is from Rochester. Shortly after we met Tara her boyfriend was sent to Iraq for about a year. We all know how much she missed him. We are so glad that he is back. Tara and Adam just bought a new townhome and got a puppy, Harley. Harley is super cute. Tara and Adam are getting married in a few weeks. We can't wait for the wedding.
Charlie and Meaghan

Charlie is another HS friend of Brett's. Charlie and Meaghan were able to come over and see the boys in their first days of life! Hence why Bennett looks so little in Charlie's hands. The picture of Meaghan is from Father's Day at Major's. They have a little boy named Billy and we can't wait until E and B are old enough to play with him

Mike and Kristie

Again, more friends that we met through volleyball. This picture was from the hospital on our second day there. Luckily before I went on bed rest I was able to travel to Mexico for Mike and Kristie's wedding. We had a really good time and some good memories. These guys rock and we are very lucky to have such good friends.

So there are so many people that are part of our lives and really love E and B. These are just a few that I have pics of. I don't mean to leave anyone out. Everyone is so wonderful and we are lucky for all the good friends. Thank you for being apart of our lives and sharing this new adventure with us! We love you all!

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