Wednesday, July 15, 2009


One of my friends from Children's has an annual BBQ at her house on the Fourth of July. I got this quick pics of a few friends. This was Bennett and Ethan's first meeting of Children's Hospital friends. They are still waiting to meet some Lockheed Martin friends.
Lori Olson Wondra
Lori and me go way back to when I did my Child Life Internship at Children's in St. Paul. She was one of my supervisors. We realized that we once babysat for the same family years ago. Small World. Lori and I coordinate the Diabetes Support Group together. She is awesome to work with! And of course my buddy Lisa Munson. She is a great co-worker. So Lisa looks stunning in this picture but my favorite part is the girl in the back. She is the daughter of a co-worker and I did not realize she was standing back there. I think she was eying Ethan and Bennett.
My job is going really great. I have been working part time this summer and loving every minute of it. I still get to be home with my boys but also have a little "adult time". I will start working more in August sometime.

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