Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursdays are Mommy Day

Thursdays are my day off. We call them Mommy Day! I do nothing but be mommy. No rushing to work in the morning. We definitely slept in this morning. A long 2 hour nap after the 6 am feeding. These guys are best! They go to bed around 8:30 pm and most days we have to wake them up at 6:30 am to eat. They like to sleep and really are not interested in the morning. Kind of like their dad. The trade off is they don't sleep much during the day, but I can live with that. They just have to sit and watch me update the blog a little during the day. We have already played, read a book, shook the rattles and hit our heads with them, and sang the Wheels on the Bus. After all this hard play they are having a hard time staying awake to Madonna in the back ground. They were happy this morning so I caught it on camera.

17 Weeks - Yesterday!

They are officially 17 weeks as of yesterday. Brett counts how old they are in months so according to him they will be 4 months on Saturday. Here are pics from yesterday! They are getting really strong. Tummy time can go much longer before they bury their faces in the floor and cry.
BennettHe has got some weird Elvis lip going.
Ethan The wrinkles in his forehead were because he was pooping during tummy time. I found out after the photo shoot.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Music Morning

Brett has picked up the guitar again. Mostly to play for the boys. Here they are enjoying their morning time with Daddy! They must be enjoying it!

16 Weeks - Last Week!!

Yup, late again. Here are pictures from last week! We have a doctor's appointment on Friday so we will get stats then. They keep getting cutier. Love how smiley they are. I try to catch my pictures right after feeding.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

15 Weeks

Lots of pictures today to mark the 15 weeks. I think I had about 2+. Lots of smiles!! My cheeks and face hurt after this photo shoot. I had to make way to many wide mouth smiles to get these guys going. Enjoy...

Big Smiles

So I sound incredibly ridiculous in this video but it was too cute and funny to not post. Just ignore my repetitive "big smiles" and fake laugh. Ethan is super cute and this is the first time ever that I have gotten him to giggle. You would be this silly too if you could get them to smile and giggle this much. The video ends with a big finish. You won't want to miss it. I just finished taking their 15 week pics so I will post them next.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Daddy is a Genius

The video explains it all. Listen for Brett in the background.


This may be the new mommy thing, but something had to give. It didn't really make sense to have really long hair that was always rolled up into a bun or pony so I decided to get rid of it. I didn't go as short as I was thinking but I haven't regretted the cut at all. It is easier to straighten and has bouncier curls. Love it! p.s. do you know how hard it is to get a good picture with a camera timer when you only have 10 seconds to get both kids in your lap and small back at the camera. It was the best one out of the many!

Fourth of July

For the fourth of July Brett and I were able to go to his Aunt and Uncle's cabin at Maple Lake. We were grateful for the invitation. I was able to try out my new wakeboard that I got right before I found out I was pregnant. We had a really good time. Sorry, no pictures of wakeboarding. I was in a swimsuit and trust me, nobody wants to see that!
Bruce and Bennett Aunt Jane and Bennett
Sandy and E

Genesis and Titus came too!
It is so hard for all the cousins (on both sides) to understand that Ethan and Bennett don't really "play" with toys yet. I know that someday all the cousins will love playing together.
Family pic! Don't look at the hair. We just got done wakeboarding.
Great Grandma Scott and Ethan


One of my friends from Children's has an annual BBQ at her house on the Fourth of July. I got this quick pics of a few friends. This was Bennett and Ethan's first meeting of Children's Hospital friends. They are still waiting to meet some Lockheed Martin friends.
Lori Olson Wondra
Lori and me go way back to when I did my Child Life Internship at Children's in St. Paul. She was one of my supervisors. We realized that we once babysat for the same family years ago. Small World. Lori and I coordinate the Diabetes Support Group together. She is awesome to work with! And of course my buddy Lisa Munson. She is a great co-worker. So Lisa looks stunning in this picture but my favorite part is the girl in the back. She is the daughter of a co-worker and I did not realize she was standing back there. I think she was eying Ethan and Bennett.
My job is going really great. I have been working part time this summer and loving every minute of it. I still get to be home with my boys but also have a little "adult time". I will start working more in August sometime.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

14 Weeks - TODAY!

I swear I took these pictures one right after the other. They yawned in order. Can you believe it...I got 14 weeks up on the actual day. I took lots of pictures today but wanted to get the full shots of them posted so you can see their chunkiness. We have weighed them which is not totally accurate but they are coming in around 12 lbs a piece. These 3 month clothes are on their way out. I was thinking of just skipping 6 month clothes and going straight for 9 months. I'll let you know if it works.

Daddy Time

Daddy time A.K.A. 6am feeding just got done and now mommy needs to get ready for work.
Every morning Brett has time with the boys. He gets up with me for the morning feeding but then takes over till Nanny Molly gets there. He really likes his time in the morning with the boys even though he hates mornings. As long as I don't shake his leg in the morning to get up he is happy. Here is Brett having his "boys time". Notice the book that he is reading them. :)
Bennett must have gotten bored with the book.

Red Hippo Rattle

This week has been a big step in the discovery of hands. Well, Bennett and Ethan still haven't figured out they have them but they at least know how to hold stuff now. They have been holding their red hippo rattles. Who would of thought that the cheapo rattle that we bought from IKEA one random day before they were born would be their favorite toy right now. We use to also put the hippos in front of them to look at when they did tummy time. It was the only thing that really kept their attention for more than 5 seconds. If we can buy the rest of their toys for under $2 we can put more money into their college fund.....OR buy a bigger boat! Just a side note for those that knew about my wakeboard purchase that arrived 7 days before I found out I was pregnant....well, I got to test run it this weekend. Thanks Jane and Gary! I love it, but I need to build up my strength so I can do more than one run in a day. See Ethan and Bennett's bow hunting, I mean grabbing skills below.

Look at that grip!


I caught these smiles today. Actually it took a lot of work and a lot of bad pictures. Here are the good ones out of hundreds. They started smiling last week. Just a little. But we can make them smile. Usually I bury my face in their neck and kiss them. I think my hair tickles their face so they smile. Brett swears he got Bennett to giggle. I wasn't there so I can't back that up, however, Nanny Molly says she got Bennett to giggle with Patty Cake. I have been trying all day with no luck. We have done Patty Cake, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and the Wheels on the Bus. I give up!!

13 Weeks

Again, I am a little behind because after this 13 week post I plan to put up 14 week pictures. Ethan is in Green, Bennett Blue.

Tummy Time