Monday, June 15, 2009

Trip to Rochester

Last week, my friend Jenny and I took the boys down to Rochester to visit Iz Pershing and their buddy Owen. The first two pictures were of us getting ready. They were even wearing the onesies that Iz gave them when they were only 10 weeks in my tummy. You would think by the pictures that Bennett is always calm and Ethan is fussy. Really, every day is different. Their personalities have not developed that much. I just think that Ethan hates the camera.
"I hate cameras!"
Owen, Ethan, and Bennett. Owen is in the middle just in case you didn't know. We weren't sure if he was ok with it or just couldn't move because of the 10 pounds on both of his sides. Owen is about 6 weeks older than Ethan and Bennett.
After we took pictures we went down to Thursdays on First in Rochester. Iz had the mini cooper stroller while I had to bring the bus stroller. Man, you get a lot of looks and questions when you have twins. Jenny wheeled the stroller for he majority of the time so when someone approached her I walked away and left her to answer the many questions. I swear she was making stuff up and telling them that they were hers.
Here was my mom's tent! "Cheryl's Fabric Garden". She makes some really cool purses and old fashion aprons. Check out her website:


Anonymous said...

I LOVE that you let your friend deal with the crazy strangers, that made me laugh.

Shad said...

Did you buy a Suburban to carry that bus of a stroller around?