Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Our longest distance yet

We made it to Lanesboro over memorial weekend. It was the farthest distance that we have traveled with the boys. Ethan and Bennett got to meet their Uncle Gary for the first time. Well Gary is actually my uncle and a great one at that. I know that he will love our boys as much as he loves and cares for his nieces. Below is Uncle Gary, Bennett, and Ethan.We had so many people piled in at Gary's apartment. The shoe stack at the door was impressive.Simeon brought a box to play with!
Brett didn't fit quite as well!
These ones are for you Dade! Pam, notice the wrap that Dade is sportin'.

Have you ever seen anything as sweet as this? Dade loves our little guys. He is such a good cousin. Can't wait until Ethan and Bennett are Vikings fans so they can talk smack to Dade who loves the Packers.
Cousin Simeon has been taking lessons from Dade! He is a natural!
Cuz! Below is my cousin Suzie. She lives in LeRoy, MN with her family. She rocks and we have had so many fun times together. Recently her and her family bought a new home with some land. She is going to start up a hobby farm and even have some chicks. I can't wait to bring Ethan and Bennett over so they can play in the chick house. Just as long as they don't love them too much we should be just fine. Talk about traumatic memories, right Aunt Marcia. If you were at our wedding you would have heard my aunt tell the chick story!
This is Suzie's oldest, Carly! She is super cute! Wonder where she gets it from?
Suzie & Josh's Family with the boys!
We had a blast when we were home. We even got to go golfing!! Thanks CJ and Mandy! Can't wait to come back on June 26th. I hope to make it to Decorah, IA to see Suzie and Marcia's new Pine Needles Quilt Shop location.

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Suzie said...

My mother-in-law seems to think that we look good with those twins in our arms and reminded me that they do run in their family...Oh, no, no, no...

We do look pretty good tho, huh?