Thursday, June 18, 2009

Her name is Molly, but we call her Super Nanny!

Since I was going back to work we had to line up some child care. I called a lot of home day cares and the challenge was finding one with an opening for not just one infant but two. The law that regulates home day cares only allows two infants. Through multiple phone calls and old connections we got word of a person looking to watch an infant. I proposed the question...would she be willing to watch two infants?? She agreed!! Molly has just finished her second week with the boys. She comes to our house (way awesome!) so we don't have to haul anything or pack up two kids in the wee hours of the morning. We feel very fortunate to have her part of the family. The boys really like her...they tell me all the time!
This week I have been on my own. Brett is in Florida and Izzy has been standing in as my night time helper. I had a little extra time yesterday morning and just happen to throw a load of the boys laundry in the wash. I came home to dried, folded laundry! I kissed Molly because I was so happy! Yes, it is these small things that really bring joy to my life! I have proof, see below. Admit it, your jealous!!

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Anonymous said...

That is lovely! I'm glad you have such a fantastic arrangement for your little guys. It is so hard to leave, and at least you have the reassurance that someone wonderful is with the babies. And I totally understand the folded laundry bliss. Its the little things, eh?