Thursday, June 4, 2009

grandma lamon was here!

As most of you know I returned to work this week (there will be more to come on this subject later). So Grandma Lamon came to watch the boys for the first week. Nanny Molly will be starting next Monday. Mom did a great job! I didn't even call her more than once a day to check in. The picture below isn't typically what they were doing during the day when I was at work so will give you the mental picture. Mom upstairs at the sewing desk, material for bags and aprons spread around her, thread on her pants and pins in her mouth, all while two little babies were in bouncy seats next to her chair. Mom had the sewing petal to the floor for three days. Her breaks consisted of bottle feedings, awake time, lunch, planting my herbs on the deck, calling Grandma, bath time, and rescuing the binky that had just popped out of Ethan and Bennett's mouth. Here is Grandma giving the boys bath. She lives by old school rules and doesn't use any of those fancy baby baths that we now have. I think she just really wanted to "soak their butt". That was what she was saying to them at least. I wondered how much she talks to herself when no one is around. I was in the bedroom getting ready for work and all I could hear was mom talking to herself about her sewing, what she was doing, when she screwed something up. Good thing she had Ethan and Bennett to listen these past three days.

Bennett getting his butt soaked!
Ethan getting his butt soaked!She might kill me for this one, but remember when I did my high cut brief underwear blog. I was talking about how high the underwear comes up and that if I wore my low rise jeans my underwear would stick out about 5 inches. Cheryl has got the mommy underwear sticking out!! This is what my fear is....will this be me someday or maybe I am already there?

Mom, forgive me! Thanks for taking care of the boys. They already were telling me this morning how much they miss you and the sound of the sewing machine! It is like music to their ears. From now on I am not even going to play music. I am just going to run the sewing machine. Brett and I love you and couldn't have done this week without you!

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