Thursday, June 4, 2009

Daffy Duck & Bugs Bunny will NOT make me feel better

Oh yes, we had the dreaded 2 month appointments last week Friday. They got thier first round of vacinations. We were warned and told to give them tylenol before we even went to the appointment. Brett came because you need two people to comfort two babies. So the funny thing is that since I am a Certified Child Life Specialist medical procedures on children have never really bothered me. That is until it was my child. Funny how I can handle other people's emotions and can coach them through it, but can't keep my own emtions and fears (which I am fully aware of) in check. Becoming a parent has only helped become a better Child Life Specialist. I can know the feelings, fears, and eliminate some of the trauma for a family/child but couldn't fully understand it till now. I have a new appreciation for my work. I have decided that if my children ever get sick or go to the hospital I will need my own CLS.

So our appointment...honestly, it wasn't even that bad. The nurse was awesome and very quick. They cried for like a minute and stopped when we comforted them. The thing I was most shocked about was that the needles they use are normal size needles. Below are Ethan and Bennett after their appointment showing off their war wounds. They were troupers! So you probably want to know the stats on these guys too!

Big Boy Bennett came in at 9lbs 10oz.

Our little peanut Ethan was not far behind at 9lbs 4oz.

Remember when they were this little and fit with room to spare in their bassinette?

This bassinette picture was taken today 6/4/09. Squishy and they are all up in each other's space!

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Anonymous said...

shots are so hard! To hold your baby down while he is in pain is horrible...glad you made it through =)