Monday, June 15, 2009

Back to Work

I am in my third week, day number 7 just completed. Everyone wants to know...."how is work going?" Well I am happy to report that work is awesome! I am happy to be back and have missed so many people. Going back was a little difficult, I won't lie. Mostly I just miss being with my boys. By hour six I really miss them. We have a wonderful Nanny that comes to our home on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Her name is Molly! Hehe! She is great and loves our boys so much. This summer I plan to continue working full time and loving it! I co-worker, Lisa, is also happy that I am back. She did an outstanding job while I was on leave. She is a survivor!
Molly and Lisa are back!!

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Anonymous said...

Molly : I loved all the pictures!
The boys are so cute. I am glad you found your Molly. Good to see you back at Childrens. Hope to see you soon.