Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Aunt Izzy and being the younger sister

Aunt Izzy traveled a far to attend school in California last school year. We think she just went to get away from Minnesota winter. She only came back once since she left in September and so her return in middle of May was long over due. We missed her a ton and she just got to meet her new nephews. We sent many pictures but it just is never the same. Since Izzy has been home we have been able to spend a good amount of time with her given her crazy schedule of two jobs, friends she hasn't seen for an entire school year, and now a boyfriend...ohhhhhh nooooo! Addison, wherever you are, I got my eyes on you! Let's be honest, Izzy has two older brothers but I think I can be more protective of her. I am the little sister in my family, so Izzy is my little sister. There are a few slight differences......let's take a stroll down memory lane, shall we?

Why being the little sister can be traumatic....

8. When I was like 3, they dressed me up with our neighbor Eric, put us in a wagon, and taped a "Just Married" sign on it. I was way too young to be thinking about marriage.

7. Kelly and Colleen use to have contests of calling my name to see who I would run too. They would pretend like they were hurt so that I would come running. Who cried wolf?

6. Kelly and I would always try to get the last hit. And really we would hit each other and then run away. I remember one time I was eating a donut and I hit her and ran down the stairs. Eating the donut at the same time was not smart because I ended up choking on it.

5. Kelly would lock me in my room, tie a string on my door handle that went all the way into the living room where she would watch tv. If the string moved she knew I was trying to escape.

4. Colleen use to have the privilege to actually ground me.

3. When Kelly opened piece of my mail I hit her on the shoulder which resulted in dad taking me to Spring Valley for a broken arm.

2. They told me that my large brown birth mark on my leg was poop so for a long time I tried to rub it off. Weird, it never came off!

1. Kelly and Colleen told me that mom and dad had them first so I was just their left overs! How rude!

So there are a million reasons that I could list of why it rocks to be the youngest, for example, i had two sisters that took care of me and loved me lots, I got hand me downs, I had less responsibility than them, and dad were sick of raising children by the time I got there and I got away with a lot more than my sisters. Maybe not always by the law....oh man, I'm so sorry mom and dad!!

Back to Izzy!! Izzy is back! We love you and are excited to see you lots over this summer.

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